Students now able to select their own pronouns in YES

Sam Zern, Editor in Chief

Beginning today, students will be able to select their own pronouns in YES, which will appear alongside their names on housing and class rosters. The pronouns will be visible to faculty and staff who are in regular contact with students, such as advisers and other offices.

Selecting pronouns is optional, and students will be able to choose from she, he, the gender neutral pronouns they and ze and a name only option. Currently, student names do not have pronouns associated with them on rosters.

“This step furthers our efforts to respect students’ identities and foster a more inclusive and welcoming environment at Vanderbilt,” Mark Bandas, Dean of Students said in a MyVU article.

The decision to give students the option came about through conversations between VSG and Vanderbilt Faculty Senate over the past three years. Students have been able to choose their preferred names through YES since 2011, but it wasn’t until 2016 that VSG and Faculty Senate came out with resolutions and stances advocating for the inclusion of pronoun choices on school rosters.

“This is an important step in affirming students’ identities and ensuring that all students, particularly our transgender and gender non-conforming students, can focus on learning in the classroom environment,” Chris Purcell, director of LGBTQI Life said in the MyVU article.

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