PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: the dogs of the Hustler


Hustler: Dallas Shatel, Deputy Editor Name: Lily Favorite Activity: Sleeping Fun Fact: She, like the rest of my pets, is named after a Harry Potter character

Claire Barnett, Multimedia Director

Dear Hustler Readers,

We didn’t have photos of the week this week since none of our photo staff was on campus over winter break. Thus, here are pictures of our dogs. Enjoy!


Claire Barnett, Multimedia Director


Hustler: Jenna Moldaver, Voices Editor
Name: Charlie
Favorite activity: Playing in the snow
Fun fact: She weighs four pounds
Hustler: Corinne Fombelle, Assistant Life Editor
Name: Reed
Favorite activity: Cuddling
Fun fact: He got snow boots for his paws in the -7 degree weather over winter break.
Hustler: Claire Barnett, Multimedia Director
Name: Henri
Favorite activity: Gnawing on people’s hands and/or feet
Fun fact: Henri prefers eating ice to his actual food
Hustler: Bruce Brookshire, Assistant Multimedia Editor
Name: Christmas eve fox hunting in the Virginia Piedmont area
Favorite activity: catching foxes
Hustler: Alexa Bussmann, Content Development Director
Name: Lucy
Favorite Activity: Snorting
Fun Fact: Lucy was bought at a gas station.
Hustler: Allison Boyce, Social Media Director
Name: Jasmine
Favorite activity: being a queen
Fun fact: I ate an entire bird once
Hustler: Sarah Friedman
Name: Harry
Favorite activity: Refusing to walk (pictured)
Fun fact: He knows how to open zippers, which is pretty cute until he unzips my backpack and eats my chapstick.
Hustler: Max Schulman, Opinion Editor
Name: Malcolm
Favorite Activity: Reminding us that he’s not housebroken
Fun Fact: He is named after black nationalist Malcolm
Hustler: Sam Zern, Campus Editor
Name: Doug
Favorite activity: squirrel hunting
Fun fact: Broke his back as a puppy so now walks with a waddle