Quinn XCII reverberates his sound in Nashville


Quinn XCII

Madeline Amend

The line wrapped around the building of the Exit/In where Quinn XCII would soon be performing. Shivering from a mix of cold air and excitement, the crowd was electric with positive energy. The adrenaline levels only increased inside of the venue. Neon blue and red lights illuminated individual faces in the swarm of people. Some were the faces of college kids out with their friends, others were several years older accompanied by family or coworkers; all hold the same eager anticipation.

Quinn’s eclectic fan base is evidence of just how versatile his music is. His electronic hip-hop sound with a laid-back feel has clearly expanded beyond college culture and is appreciated by all types of people of all ages.

His recent signing with internationally renowned record label Columbia Records and his drastic increase in ticket sales demonstrate his rise to fame. His current tour, “The Story of Us,” has already completely sold out, including his shows in Nashville, Denver, Chicago and New York.

Once the show started and the music began, an intense light show showered the audience. It was finally time for Quinn. As soon as his red hat and white t-shirt were visible, the crowd erupted. Throughout his entire set, from his opening song, “Worst,” though several others including “Fake Denim” and “Kings of Summer,” the energy never dwindled. Towards the end of the show, the audience shared a moment of reverence and admiration for music prompted by Quinn himself.

Prior to wrapping up the show, Quinn took a moment to impart his deep gratitude for his fans for being a part of his concert and participating in this atmosphere of music and positive vibes, leaving the worries and troubles of the outside world outside of the space.

Quinn finished his show with a highly anticipated encore of his hit song “Straightjacket,” the first song he released from his latest album. The diverse crowd grew unified by the music. A sea of raised arms and nodding heads took over as everyone sang along. Each person was clearly following Quinn’s words, disregarding all outside concerns for the remainder of the performance. Finally, begging for a second encore, the fans reluctantly began to disperse, high off of the artist’s upbeat and fulfilling performance.