Local Java takes the Vanderbilt coffee throne


Dallas Shatel, Deputy Editor in Chief and Brandon Wong

On Wednesday, September 6, Vanderbilt’s newest dining location officially opened. Local Java, Sarratt’s newest coffee shop and Last Drop’s replacement, was founded through a partnership with the Frothy Monkey coffee shop. To keep the food and beverages authentic to Frothy Monkey, the staff all trained for five days on site at Frothy Monkey before going through another week of training at Local Java. All of the coffee is sourced from the Nashville coffee staple, as well as much of the food, while the rest of the food is largely locally sourced.

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The shop offers a variety of espresso drinks from traditional cappuccinos to more specialty drinks, such as the Hummingbird, a sweet, light latte with undertones of banana and vanilla. The brewed coffee selection varies on a daily basis, sourcing roasts from locations across the world. In keeping with coffee trends, the shop also offers cold-brewed coffee, carefully brewed to eliminate much of the bitter, sour flavors that are all too common. Local Java’s cold brew is smooth enough to drink black and will serve as a popular option for students looking for a stronger iced coffee.


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Local Java’s food selection is not to be overlooked. The turkey sandwich is designed to be “the best sandwich on campus,” according to Dirk Anderson, Assistant Director for Campus Dining, and it does not disappoint on that claim. Comprised of hearty, freshly-baked multigrain bread, turkey, arugula, swiss cheese and sun-dried tomato and basil-pesto mayonnaise, it pairs well with the tomato soup, which is thick, creamy, and savory. The chicken salad, meanwhile, contains grilled chicken, arugula, kale, feta, pecans and a raspberry vinaigrette, which boils down to a slightly better salad than you would find at Leaf. There is also a wide variety of equally-enticing breakfast options, including pastries, muffins and bagels, all covered under the student meal plan and all locally sourced.

The addition of the Nashville-staple Frothy Monkey will surely drive students and faculty alike to Local Java. Whether looking for a morning coffee, a light lunch, or a snack between classes, Local Java has it all, and without the frustrating lines of Rand. At least, not yet.