A ranking of Nashville’s best burger restaurants


Katie Ward

Deep in the midst of sweater season (aka haven’t seen the inside of the rec in months season), there’s really nothing that compares to a nice cheeseburger. So, at the expense of my wallet and my health, I spent the week eating all over Nashville to bring you a definitive ranking of Nashville’s five best burgers.

  1. Tavern

Most Vanderbilt students know Tavern for its killer brunch and baskets of fries (some of the best in town), but this item on the menu can’t be overlooked. The Tavern Burger is thick and juicy, and is served for brunch, lunch and dinner. I recommend all three. Adding a fried egg can never hurt, and makes eating a burger for breakfast somehow more acceptable.

  1. Gabby’s Burgers and Fries

This classic burger shop is located on Humphrey Street and is perfect for a casual dining experience. The Seamus Burger is a perfect selection, and the fries are famously good, so save room! Also, if you’re an adventurous eater, check out the secret menu on the website. (Hint: the password is “seamus”)

  1. Burger Republic

Burger Republic is a go-to delicious choice for Vandy students, and it did not disappoint! Located in the Gulch, it’s a little more upscale than Gabby’s, but still a relatively affordable and casual place to go. I tried the Tennessee Burger: with Jack Daniels and smoked bacon it was the perfect homage to good southern cooking. Also, don’t leave without trying the tots!

  1. Rotier’s

Rotier’s is a go-to burger destination for Vanderbilt students. It is located right across from the bookstore off of West End and is home to some great food and great history. The restaurant has been around since 1945, and stayed around because of the famous French Bread Burger! The atmosphere is cozy and the food is affordable, not to mention delicious. When you’re craving an easy and tasty meal, look no further than Rotier’s.

  1. The Pharmacy

Well Vandy, bet you didn’t see this one coming! There really is nothing that competes with everyone’s favorite, The Pharmacy. Rated Nashville’s Best Burger, the delicious food and fun atmosphere are a must for burger lovers. I got the classic Pharmacy Burger, and it was by far the best I’ve ever had. The ingredients are fresh and the food is relatively inexpensive, making this the perfect eat for college students.

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