IN PHOTOS: Nashville Women’s March


Blake Dover

January 21st, 2017 – Thousands of women and men gather in downtown Nashville in tandem with hundreds sister marches around the world following the innaguration of Donald Trump.

Zoe Shancer, Senior Editor

About 15,000 people gathered at Cumberland Park on Saturday, Jan. 21, President Donald Trump’s first day in office, to protest in solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington that occurred Saturday morning in the nation’s capital.

Crowds in Nashville listened to speeches from various members of the Nashville community, such as representatives from Tennessee Advocates for Planned Parenthood and the Nashville Feminist Collective, before marching up the pedestrian bridge and into downtown, eventually reaching Public Square, where the march concluded.

Those who participated in the march expressed an anti-Trump sentiment while advancing many other causes, including female reproductive rights, climate change awareness, LGTBQI rights, civil rights and immigrant rights, among others. Similar marches were held all over the United States and the world.

Photos by Blake Dover
Story by Zoe Shancer, Senior Editor