The Diwali Showcase 2016: Love Actually


Corinne Fombelle, Assistant Life Editor

On Saturday night, the South Asian Cultural Exchange 25332713139_58595843aa_kpresented their annual Diwali Showcase. A catered meal was served in the Student Life Center for those with dinner
tickets, and then a massive line formed outside of Langford Auditorium for the actual show.




The auditorium was full of hundreds of students who were excited to see the performances and support their friends.

A welcome from the showcase co-chairs emphasized the importance of inclusive community in the wake of Tuesday’s election, and then a rap introduction from Subhash Gutti, or Yung Subby, kicked off the show. His well-crafted verses 30666936310_4e85cd91fd_kexplained the context of the Love Actually storyline that was interspersed throughout the two and a half hour showcase.

The night featured hundreds of student dancers along with guest performances from Nach Vandy, the Bhangradores, Jugal Vandy, Vandy Taal, and a collaboration between Aly Lakhani, VUJams, Harmonic Notion, and Maryam Muhammad. Each of these acts was followed by a segment of the plotline revolving around the intersectional nature of developing relationships.

The dances ranged widely in style from Classical and Raas toBollywood, Fusion, and Bhangra. Costumes varied from colorful traditional dresses with billowing fabrics to more contemporary, casual outfits.

30852167072_acc62db5fa_kThe audience was extremely engaged and spontaneously cheered during the most high energy, impressive parts. Dynamic movements, use of props, and bass drops in the music elicited enthusiastic reactions.

The supportive atmosphere was highlighted often right before the next group would enter the stage. Audience members would shout encouragement to their friends, and excited chatter broke out. The crowd also laughed and reacted to the Love Actually storyline as the characters’ stories unfolded.

Every dance was accompanied by a lively soundtrack. The most crowd-pleasing ones fused hip-hop and pop songs with South Asian style and instrumentation. Seamless medleys and30968462765_1d8e750605_k mash-ups between well-known American songs remixed with South Asian influences were the perfect accompaniment to the unwavering energy onstage.

The final portion of the show was a tribute to the seniors. A heart-warming and funny video introducing each senior member created a sense of nostalgia. The senior dance wrapped up the night, and then every dancer was invited back onstage to celebrate the conclusion.