Best drinks bucket list

Josh Hamburger

Nashville’s restaurants frequently get a lot attention for their Instagram-worthy dishes, and local food often features on various Music City bucket lists. While the city may be a foodie’s paradise, those same restaurants and bars offer some equally deserving drinks as well. If you’re over 21, check out four of the most can’t-miss adult beverages below.

Mule Kicker — Acme Feed and Seed

Available on the first floor and at Acme’s rooftop bar on select sunny afternoons, the Mule Kicker is essentially an elevated slushie, made exciting for the 21+ crowd with the addition of lemonade and moonshine. This drink isn’t as heavy as it looks, making it a refreshing choice for an afternoon on Broadway, and especially daring souls can add on an extra shot of Tuaca or UV Vodka in an upgrade aptly named the “Asskicker” (though the jury’s still out on if that addition is necessarily recommended).

Bushwackers – Rebar

With Happy Hours that range from 5-11 hours long, Rebar really tries to live up to their slogan, “Where Bad Decisions Are Made.” However, their Bushwackers are anything but a decision. Though there are a few places around Nashville with particularly notable takes on the novelty drink, Rebar’s rum-and-Kahlua milkshake takes the top spot. The drink gets a hint of coffee flavor from the Kahlua, and the big portions means that there’s more than enough to share with friends, which is definitely a good move given that the drink is closer to a dessert than a beverage.

AVOcado Margarita — Avo

This margarita may claim the title of most ‘liked’ drink in Nashville. Avo has been serving up Nashville’s most Instagrammable healthy meals for almost a year now, and their signature margarita is a staple in nearly every perfectly filtered picture that comes out of the place. Don’t let the ‘raw’ and ‘vegan’ labels fool you, though — this drink packs a punch — and for anyone who doubts that a trendy tequila mix lives up to the hype, let Avo’s fresh, creamy concoction prove you wrong.

Yazoo Hefeweizen — Yazoo Brewing Co.

As the temperatures keep going up and you keep wrapping up projects and papers, pick an afternoon to get a crew together and try Nashville’s favorite brewery. Located less than 10 minutes from campus near the Gulch, Yazoo’s taproom is full of great finds, but the Hefeweizen especially makes for a great way to celebrate the start of summer. No need to commit to just the Hefeweizen for first timers and beer novices, though: the six beer sampler is a great way to try a bit of everything. With light bites available plus food trucks parked outside, you won’t have to do your sampling on an empty stomach either.