Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Vegan at Vandy: Get your vegan starter pack

If you’re down with the veg life but don’t know where to start, Veganuary has you covered

Vegan at Vandy: Ex-meat-and-dairy-lover tells her vegan story

A status update from my newly-vegan best friend

How veganism has helped me

I knew getting rid of animal products would be a good thing, but had no idea it’d be this good

Vegan at Vandy: Restaurant reviews from a vegan perspective

Thoughts on my most recent restaurant meals

Vegan at Vandy: Top Munchie Mart Picks

This week, I taste-tested three vegan products for y’all. Some were winners, others were kind of gross. Here are my thoughts on each.

Vegan at Vandy: How my period changed when I went vegan

A plant-based diet can ease period symptoms even more effectively than contraceptives and painkillers

Vegan at Vandy: How to order vegan at the Grilled Cheeserie

Despite the word "cheese" in the title, the restaurant's vegan-friendly options are quite impressive

Vegan at Vandy: What’s to Come

An introduction to my plant-based diet at Vanderbilt