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2019-2020 Staff

Staff MemberStaff Position
Eva PaceLife EditorSee Eva Pace's profile
See Eva Pace's profile
Miquéla ThorntonOpinion EditorSee Miquéla Thornton's profile
See Miquéla Thornton's profile
Max SchneiderSports EditorSee Max Schneider's profile
See Max Schneider's profile
Alyssa MuirSenior WriterSee Alyssa Muir's profile
See Alyssa Muir's profile
Rachel WeiVoices Editor See Rachel Wei's profile
See Rachel Wei's profile
Jasmine AggarwalSocial Media DirectorSee Jasmine Aggarwal's profile
See Jasmine Aggarwal's profile
Emily GonçalvesMultimedia DirectorSee Emily Gonçalves's profile
See Emily Gonçalves's profile
Jack HollierSee Jack Hollier's profile
See Jack Hollier's profile
Miles AhlgrimStaff WriterSee Miles Ahlgrim's profile
See Miles Ahlgrim's profile
Sahanya BhaktaramStaff WriterSee Sahanya Bhaktaram's profile
See Sahanya Bhaktaram's profile
Sarah BelleteStaff WriterSee Sarah Bellete's profile
See Sarah Bellete's profile
Sophie PriceStaff WriterSee Sophie Price's profile
See Sophie Price's profile
Mattigan KellyDeputy Multimedia DirectorSee Mattigan Kelly's profile
See Mattigan Kelly's profile
Jack RosenblumDeputy Opinion EditorSee Jack Rosenblum's profile
See Jack Rosenblum's profile
Hoon KimStaff WriterSee Hoon Kim's profile
See Hoon Kim's profile
Evan MonkStaff WriterSee Evan Monk's profile
See Evan Monk's profile
Christopher HughStaff WriterSee Christopher Hugh's profile
See Christopher Hugh's profile
Andy CarrStaff WriterSee Andy Carr's profile
See Andy Carr's profile
Taylor DarnellStaff PhotographerSee Taylor Darnell's profile
See Taylor Darnell's profile
Emery LittleStaff PhotographerSee Emery Little's profile
See Emery Little's profile
Corinne CunilleraStaff WriterSee Corinne Cunillera's profile
See Corinne Cunillera's profile
Alexa MadsenStaff WriterSee Alexa Madsen's profile
See Alexa Madsen's profile
Nathaniel DayStaff WriterSee Nathaniel Day's profile
See Nathaniel Day's profile
Andrew Kolondra Jr.Deputy Life EditorSee Andrew Kolondra Jr.'s profile
See Andrew Kolondra Jr.'s profile
JP HefnerStaff WriterSee JP Hefner's profile
See JP Hefner's profile
Bryce SmithStaff WriterSee Bryce Smith's profile
See Bryce Smith's profile
Luke MukundanStaff WriterSee Luke Mukundan's profile
See Luke Mukundan's profile
Christine MoserStaff WriterSee Christine Moser's profile
See Christine Moser's profile
Shun AhmedStaff PhotographerSee Shun Ahmed's profile
See Shun Ahmed's profile
Logan CromeensStaff WriterSee Logan Cromeens's profile
See Logan Cromeens's profile
Lila JohnsonStaff WriterSee Lila Johnson's profile
See Lila Johnson's profile
Hannah HaeckerStaff PhotographerSee Hannah Haecker's profile
See Hannah Haecker's profile
Susanna HarpoldStaff WriterSee Susanna Harpold's profile
See Susanna Harpold's profile
Grace LeeStaff WriterSee Grace Lee's profile
See Grace Lee's profile
Thomas HumStaff WriterSee Thomas Hum's profile
See Thomas Hum's profile
Jake SchwartzStaff WriterSee Jake Schwartz's profile
See Jake Schwartz's profile
Truman McDanielStaff PhotographerSee Truman McDaniel's profile
See Truman McDaniel's profile
Fiona WuColumnist See Fiona Wu's profile
See Fiona Wu's profile
Jesse GoldmanStaff WriterSee Jesse Goldman's profile
See Jesse Goldman's profile
Immanual John MiltonDeputy News EditorSee Immanual John Milton's profile
See Immanual John Milton's profile
Jessica BarkerDeputy News EditorSee Jessica Barker's profile
See Jessica Barker's profile
Sophie HeinzColumnist See Sophie Heinz's profile
See Sophie Heinz's profile
Gracie O’RorkeColumnist See Gracie O’Rorke's profile
See Gracie O’Rorke's profile
Blair McDonaldColumnist See Blair McDonald's profile
See Blair McDonald's profile
Philip GubbinsColumnist See Philip Gubbins's profile
See Philip Gubbins's profile
Bobby KentStaff WriterSee Bobby Kent's profile
See Bobby Kent's profile
Olu OduColumnist See Olu Odu's profile
See Olu Odu's profile
Mimi ColeColumnistSee Mimi Cole's profile
See Mimi Cole's profile
Jaime PerezStaff WriterSee Jaime Perez's profile
See Jaime Perez's profile
Justin HersheyDeputy Sports EditorSee Justin Hershey's profile
See Justin Hershey's profile
Hunter LongDeputy Multimedia DirectorSee Hunter Long's profile
See Hunter Long's profile
Ryan SuddathStaff WriterSee Ryan Suddath's profile
See Ryan Suddath's profile
Will FritzlerStaff WriterSee Will Fritzler's profile
See Will Fritzler's profile
Betsy GoodfriendDeputy Sports EditorSee Betsy Goodfriend's profile
See Betsy Goodfriend's profile
Eva DurchholzNews EditorSee Eva Durchholz's profile
See Eva Durchholz's profile
Brendan SawyerDeputy Life EditorSee Brendan Sawyer's profile
See Brendan Sawyer's profile
Simon GibbsDeputy Sports EditorSee Simon Gibbs's profile
See Simon Gibbs's profile
Max SchulmanEditorial DirectorSee Max Schulman's profile
See Max Schulman's profile
Avery MuirCopy EditorSee Avery Muir's profile
See Avery Muir's profile
Sam ZernManaging EditorSee Sam Zern's profile
See Sam Zern's profile
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