Sunday, September 16, 2018

Pretty and Witty and Gay

Mac Ploetz (’18) is majoring in Women’s and Gender Studies. He is the 2017-18 President of the Vanderbilt Lambda Association, Vanderbilt’s undergraduate gender, sexuality, and intersex alliance, and he’s in his third year as a Sex Educator in Vandy Sex Ed. He has spent his time at Vanderbilt discovering and affirming his identity as a transgender person, and he works to help others affirm their identities as well. In his free time, Mac enjoys eating $30 worth of McDonald’s and watching poorly-produced mid-2000s YouTube documentaries.

Across the Borders

Emily You (’18) is majoring in political science in the College of Arts and Science. On campus, she is a Transfer Student Leader and a part of the Vanderbilt International Relations Association (VIRA), as well as Tennessee Model Congress. In her free time, Emily loves telling anyone who will listen how great her hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee is and endlessly browsing the Dogspotting group on Facebook.

Vegan at Vandy

Emily Azzarito (’19) is studying cello performance at the Blair School of Music. She has performed in Spain, Germany, and twice at Carnegie Hall. More notably, she’s been vegan for two years. For ethical reasons, Emily became vegetarian when she turned thirteen. Five years later, she adopted a vegan diet to support a healthier lifestyle. Emily enjoys sampling vegan fare from restaurants all over Nashville and posting pictures of it on her Instagram. When she’s not eating piles of salad, she enjoys painting portraits, doing yoga, and lifting weights. Her favorite food is Ben and Jerry’s Non-Dairy Caramel Almond Brittle ice cream.

Space Jam

Rahul Rao (‘19) is majoring in physics and English in the College of Arts and Sciences. In his spare time, he enjoys writing and playing video games. He has been interested in space and space exploration since he was a child, and he believes that because Earth’s future lies in space, it is both exciting and important to stay up to date on space-related news.

Happiest and Healthiest

Katie (’19) is majoring in molecular and cellular biology and minoring in economics in the College of Arts and Science. Some of you may know her as the Ambassador of CHAARG, a college aged women’s health and fitness organization. Her column will focus on this passion of mine and will highlight issues concerning physical health, body image and diet on campus and in the surrounding Nashville area.

Matt's Traditional American Values

Matt Colleran (’18) is a conservative activist at Vanderbilt. On our campus, he has fearlessly defended his values- free markets, traditional values, and a strong national defense-, leading multiple conservative organizations. Additionally, he has had several internships in the conservative movement and has attended countless conferences of conservative activists. The issue that he is most passionate about has always been the right to life, which he views as the most fundamental of all human rights. His favorite president of all-time is Ronald Reagan. All opinions expressed are his own, not those of any organization.

Mental Health Memos

Andrew (’18) is majoring in Sociology and Political Science with a Minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. He’s interested in activism, particularly as it applies to mental health disparities, and plans to attend law school to pursue mental health advocacy in a legal field. He’s heavily involved with Hidden Dores, the [IM]Perfection Project, and VIPER, among other organizations.

Talk Foodie To Me

Allison (’19) is an engineering student at Vanderbilt and is serving as the current Editorial Director for the Spoon University, Vanderbilt chapter. She grew up cooking at home and has always been adventurous with food, so she loves being involved with Spoon and living in a city with so many flavors to explore. Jen (’19) served as the 2016-17 Editorial Director for Spoon University at VAnderbilt. She hails from San Francisco, California and loves spending time outdoors with her friends, traveling, and exploring the culture and delicious food that each city she goes to has to offer.

Let's Talk About Sex, Vandy

Ciarra Leocadio (’18) is majoring in Medicine, Health, and Society with minors in French and Sociology. She is involved in Alpha Epsilon Delta, Vandy Sex Ed, and is a manager for Vanderbilt’s Student Centers. In her spare time, Ciarra enjoys reading historical fiction novels, trying new recipes and cuddling with her yorkie Kobe. Melanie Hagerman (’18) is majoring in Women’s & Gender Studies and Classics in the College of Arts and Sciences. She has been a peer educator in Vandy Sex Ed for three years. In her spare time, Melanie enjoys sending her friends bad memes and binge-watching reality tv.


Environmentality is a column run by a group of students on campus who are passionate about sustainability. Among them are Nora Barrett, Seth Drey, Kailey Newcome and Mailin Struck.