The voting for College Council Presidents, Student Body President and Vice President general elections opened today at 8:00 a.m. and will close tomorrow at noon. Election winners will be announced in the Rand Lounge on March 21 at around 12:30 p.m.

The 2018 general election for student body president and executive vice president is between the Phyllis & Nico and Tariq & Lanier campaigns. Both emphasized financial inclusivity, visibility of VSG and raising student voices on campus as key issues in their platforms.

In addition to voting for president and vice president, students will vote for the individual college council presidents. The candidates for Arts & Sciences, Blair and Peabody are all running uncontested. The Engineering council president vote will take place at a later date.

The ballot also includes a referendum proposed by the student body senate. The referendum has two parts: first, it expands the election commision to facilitate smoother election processes, and second it adjusts the description of the Senate composition to allow VSG to reallocate positions to accommodate for the shift to the college halls system.

Before filling out a ballot, get to know the candidates’ platforms:

Vanderbilt Student Body President and Executive Vice President

Phyllis Doremus and Nico Gardner

We believe that VSG is in a unique position to not only be a bold advocate for the student body but also provide for the betterment of the Vanderbilt student experience. We  envision a VSG that serves a central connecting point for campus; empowering and supporting students and student groups as they seek to change the campus and the world around them. We stand for a VSG that is ready empower, uplift and serve the students of Vanderbilt.

Tariq Issa and Lanier Langdale

This campaign is about moving forward together as a student body. We are committed to building relationships, increasing visibility, promoting inclusivity, cultivating student-wellbeing, and revitalizing VSG’s structure. Our campaign and this platform were inspired by and constructed in conjunction with conversations with 110+ students. It is key when reading this to know that Tariq and Lanier did not create this platform alone. Rather, it was students across all years and from different areas of campus that collectively contributed to these ideas.

College Council Presidents

Alexis Gutierrez, for Arts and Science Council President

During my time at Vanderbilt, I have served our school through a variety of different leadership roles which have given me the opportunity to connect with students and hear their concerns. As President of Student Alumni Board and committee member on VSG’s Vanderbilt Ventures, I have seen the innovative power of the student body at work and have identified a common theme underlying this strength: diversity. While Vanderbilt has made great progress towards becoming a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive campus, there is still much work to be done. As President of Arts & Sciences College Council I will not only work to pursue this initiative but will also call for greater awareness regarding mental health as it relates to our campus culture. I am excited to be running for this position and hope I can count on your vote!

Brigit Fitzgerald, for Blair Council President

My focus as Blair council president would be on developing new projects and events while maintaining those already in existence. I would like to increase the communication between the council and the members of the Blair student body, in order to sponsor more student-run initiatives. In addition, I believe it is important to invest time in developing effective communication with students outside of Blair, in order to increase awareness of the Blair School of Music on campus. I am thankful to have served in various positions on the council for the past 3 years, and I hope to continue to serve the students of Blair in this way.

Grayson Rutherford, for Peabody Council President

I, Grayson Rutherford, am hoping for your vote to become your President of Peabody College. I seek to ensure connectivity between you and the administration as Peabody continues to improve its offerings and advance the lives of its students. As your President, I would propose the following initiatives for the 2018-2019 school year:

Senate Referendum

A referendum is being proposed by the student body Senate. If passed by a simple majority vote of the Vanderbilt undergraduate body, this bill will ratify the statutes and constitution of VSG. The referendum concerns the composition of the Senate and the number of members in various positions within VSG. Bolded words mark changes and strikethroughs indicate things that will be deleted should the referendum pass.

Read the full referendum text below.

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Sam Zern, Editor in Chief
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