UPDATE: opinion piece on hazing

This morning, an opinion article was posted on the Vanderbilt Hustler website regarding fraternity hazing. The piece did not go through the appropriate editorial channels or comply with the Hustler’s editorial standards. In response, the piece has been removed from the website, and leadership at the Hustler is working to prevent future unintended postings. The Opinion section’s mission is to promote conversation and provide a forum for all perspectives; however, this piece was never approved for publication for reasons unrelated to its content and the opinions it presented.

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Sarah Friedman, Senior Writer
Sarah Friedman ('19) is the former Editor in Chief of the Vanderbilt Hustler. She previously served as the Campus Editor and the Assistant Campus Editor. She is majoring in mathematics and economics in the College of Arts and Science. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys aggressively tagging her friends in Dogspotting posts, drinking mocha iced coffees from Dunkin' Donuts, and stalking other colleges' newspapers.