The Hustler’s “dank new rand memes” Hall of Fame

The Life section's selection of hilarious Vanderbilt memes

Source: Adam Rahmani‎

Since its inception in the 2016-2017 school year, the dank new rand memes Facebook group has quickly becoming a unifying forum for the best and the worst of Vanderbilt culture. Its 7,484 members continue multiplying, and it’s easy to see why. Scroll below to see the Life section’s favorite memes. 

  1. Because when you get demolished by Bama, at least you get to become a viral meme.
Source: Jesse Pullen

2. If you get close enough to Stevenson, you can hear the death of pre-med dreams.

Source: Phillip Adam

3. Because everyone is obsessed with Rick and Morty right now.

Source: Taylor Matalon

4. How to play up your strengths at the Career Fair:

Source: Phillip Adam

5. DNRM touches on the impending doom of the Rahna’s dance floor makeout.

Source: Taylor Matalon

6. After a night out, the Vandy Van is your very own Magic School Bus. 

Source: Raven Thompson

7. Adam calls this one, “When someone reminds you of freshman year.”

Source: Phillip Adam

8. On the thinning dating pool:

Source: Grace Comerford

9. Rejection is tough. Dating someone that didn’t attend Flulapalooza is tougher.

Source: Sofia Gonzalez

10. “When the stars are really yours,” -John Biffl.