Talk Foodie to Me: Nashville’s most beautiful restaurants

Pay these a visit, even if just for your Instagram

If you’re like me, the aesthetic and ambience of a restaurant can be as important as the menu itself when it comes to enjoying a meal out. I compiled a list of six of Nashville’s most beautiful restaurants for your next trendy photo op. Check them out for yourself to see if they taste as good as they look!

  1. Mockingbird: With a menu that reimagines classic comfort foods, the Mockingbird has an interior that is cozy while maintaining a level of chaos and excitement. Keep an eye out for where the mockingbird is incorporated in the decor!
  2. Little Octopus: In the heart of the Gulch, this restaurant is bright and open with accents of coral and rose gold and murals adorning the walls. The food is just as pretty!
  3. Old Glory: The design of this restaurant and bar is industrial, with lofted ceilings and cement walls that make you feel like you’ve stumbled upon a hidden gem. Don’t miss out on one of the most underrated spots in Nashville!  
  4. Tansuo: The space at Tansuo focus on light and structured seating. The restaurant feels huge, and details like the abacus railings add to the overall dining experience in an unexpected way.
  5. Kuchnia & Keller: This new restaurant in Germantown is unique in that it offers family style seating in long wooden tables that line the open floor plan of the restaurant. Combined with the global menu, the space feels welcoming and the emphasis on community is clear.
  6. Black Rabbit: This restaurant located in Printers Alley focuses on providing a sophisticated and nostalgic environment for guests to enjoy selections from the wood-fire grill while listening to live jazz and piano. The space comes together with eclectic art and creative cocktails.

Hopefully you found a new spot to check out on your next night out, even if it’s just for the gram!