Talk Foodie to Me: A look at Nashville’s best kept food secrets

The top three most underrated food spots in the city

We hope you aren’t sick of food from the holidays, because we are bringing you a few of Nashville’s best kept food secrets. These places are too good to be kept under wraps, so check them out before the secret gets out.

  1. Rabbit Hole. This restaurant, opened by the chef of the Henley, is a one of a kind dining experience– if you can figure out how to get a reservation. To reserve a ticket customers have to scroll the Henley webpage until an icon of a rabbit pops up, which they chase around the screen and click to open the reservation page. The restaurant is hidden behind a secret door and boasts a 24 course tasting menu, and it is elevating the definition of fine dining in Nashville.
  2. Yeast Nashville. This East Nashville Bakery is best known for their Kolashes, a Danish breakfast staple consisting of a yeast dough with various sweet or savory fillings. The bakery makes their Kolaches fresh every morning, and there are plenty of things to pair with their signature item. We recommend the Tex-Czech!
  3. The Treehouse Restaurant. This restaurant and bar has something for everyone and has a surprisingly sophisticated feel despite being modeled like the interior of a treehouse. Their menu changes daily depending on which local vendors they are buying produce from, and they also offer beer on tap and great cocktails. Don’t miss out on their late night menu, available until 1 am!

We know you probably feel inspired to try new things this coming year, so add these three spots to your 2018 bucket list and check them off ASAP. You won’t regret it.