Talk Foodie to Me: A definitive ranking of Nashville coffee shops

The best places to go for off-campus studying

When overcrowded booths in Rand and isolated cubicles in Central aren’t quite fitting your mood, Nashville’s coffee shops offer a chance to study in a comfortable atmosphere and get off campus. Whether you’re looking to pair your math homework with a macchiato or an entire meal, this city has you covered. Factoring in the many essential elements of the coffee shop experience, here is a definitive ranking of your options in Nashville.

  1. Bongo Java

The oldest coffeehouse in Nashville, Bongo Java has an all-day breakfast menu and a variety of signature drinks. The fall and winter latte collection covers everything from gingerbread to pumpkin spice, so head over with some homework on a cold day and take advantage of these seasonal options.

  1. Fido

Known for its breakfast and brunch, Fido is incredibly close to Commons and a fairly short walk from basically anywhere else on campus. Although the food and coffee are both fantastic, this isn’t the perfect study spot if you’ll be needing wifi, as they turn it off during busy meal periods. However, be sure to make a trip sometime and take advantage of its close proximity to campus.

  1. Three Brothers

Located on West End, Three Brothers is a great place to visit this fall, with seasonal drinks like Crust Punkin’ and Torches Together. All of the syrups are homemade, and the latte variety is quite impressive. The flavors are on rotation, so order something new with each visit.

  1. Frothy Monkey

While we do have this coffee on campus at Local Java, Frothy Monkey’s locations in Nashville offer tons of different options to get you through your study session. If you like what you’ve had on campus, this is definitely a must-try.

  1. Edgehill Cafe

Although this shop can get a bit noisy, their coffee and cozy setting definitely makes up for it. Grab yourself a spot in a cushioned booth, pull out your laptop and enjoy a specialty coffee (recommendation: Always Fall Somewhere, a specialty hot drink). Food options include everything from omelets to quinoa bowls.

  1. Atmology

This cafe has tons of healthy food selections, from juices to lunch items, and a pretty distinct character. The space is cozy and relaxing, and also contains private rooms for meetings and conferences. Each room has a name: Grow, Connect, Inspire, Celebrate, Share, Create and Discover. If you’re looking for something different, this is definitely the way to go.

  1. JJ’s Market

Open until 11PM, this is a great option if you plan on being out late. With fast wifi and plenty of outlets, JJ’s Market is perfect if you know you’ll be getting good use out of your laptop. Enjoy chill vibes, comfortable couches and good coffee.

  1. Dose

With delicious food and coffee options, good wifi, plenty of outlets and quick service, Dose pretty much offers it all. Although it is driving distance, it’s fairly close to campus, and the quiet environment and amazing menu definitely makes it worth the drive.

  1. Barista Parlor

This menu features unique options like sausage biscuit, fall coffee soda and coffee cherry tea. As it does rank #2 on this list, Barista Parlor has awesome coffee as well. To show your Barista Parlor pride, you can even buy a signature t-shirt or mug.

  1. Crema

Crema’s coffee is probably the best in Nashville. Whether you go for a latte or just a regular coffee, you will definitely not be disappointed. The wifi is fast, but be sure to come with a laptop/ phone fully charged because there aren’t any outlets. Crema is a pretty decent distance from Vandy, but getting off campus can often be refreshing. And for the best coffee around, it’s certainly worth the mileage.