Standup Showdown to be hosted by the Slant at Sarratt Cinema

An enlightening showcase of Vanderbilt’s most talented comedians

Being a student at Vanderbilt can be challenging, and it is healthy to find ways to minimize the stress of the everyday grind. This Friday, enjoy a night of laughter at the Standup Showdown, a comedy showcase organized by the Slant.

The event will be hosted by Precious Kato, a junior at Vanderbilt. It will feature six comedians, each performing about eight to ten minutes of material.

“We thought that our group would be a great platform for students to not only write comedy and satire, but get up and perform too,” Kato said. “There are definitely a lot of funny people on campus who are good in this setting.”

Harry Parsons, the student in charge of organizing the Standup Showdown, said the Slant felt inspired to create the event because of the void of standup comedy events on campus. Standup is a unique area of comedy, distinguished by its personal nature and emphasis on storytelling. The acts showcased this Friday will touch on relatable student experiences.

“There are a ton of very enlightening and really funny satirical takes on campus life that run through as a theme for a lot of the performances,” Parsons said. “It’s a really good way to have your perspective shifted.”

At the end of the show, members of the audience will vote for their favorite comedian on their phones. The winner will get a package of prizes courtesy of Third Coast Comedy Club, including free comedy show tickets and an opportunity to perform at the club.

If you enjoy the show and you want to try your hand as a comic, feel free to audition for the spring edition of the Standup Showdown.

“The Standup Showdown is for the people, not just us showing off the group,” Kato said. “Come out, be inspired, and then come out again in the spring to audition.”

Although there is a competitive element, the show brings with it an overall vibe of infectious positivity that is integral to comedy.

The event will be this Friday, Nov. 3rd from 7:00-8:30 p.m. at Sarratt Cinema. Tickets are $5, and can be purchased in the Sarratt Box Office or at the door.