As more and more Vanderbilt students leave in a post-finals mass exodus, campus can start to feel like a ghost town. If you’re not one of the fortunate few that can turn in their papers from the comforts of home, don’t fear—the Hustler has done some digging to find cheerful weekend events that will keep you sane. For more offerings, log onto the Anchor Link events page.

Disclaimer: Source of event information is Anchor Link and Facebook

Holiday Events
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Claudia Willen
Claudia Willen is a senior pursuing a degree in American Studies with concentrations in Political Science and Journalism and minors in Corporate Strategy and Spanish. As the Arts and Culture Editor, Claudia hopes to use a multimedia approach to draw attention to diverse, unseen art and culture both on and off campus. When she is not editing for the Hustler, she enjoys traveling, finding hole-in-the-wall restaurants, and seeing live music in different Nashville neighborhoods.