As Vanderbilt students settle back into campus following a much-needed Thanksgiving break, the dreaded pre-finals stress fest begins. While the plan for some is to seek refuge in the Central Library stacks or a Rand booth for hours on end, seasoned studiers know that it’s only healthy to take breaks. Instead of waking up cranky from a mediocre nap or rewatching Friends for the sixth time, treat yourself to a worthwhile outing this week at the events below. For more upcoming events, browse through Anchor Link.

Disclaimer: Source of event information is Anchor Link and Facebook 

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Claudia Willen
Claudia Willen is a senior pursuing a degree in American Studies with concentrations in Political Science and Journalism and minors in Corporate Strategy and Spanish. As the Arts and Culture Editor, Claudia hopes to use a multimedia approach to draw attention to diverse, unseen art and culture both on and off campus. When she is not editing for the Hustler, she enjoys traveling, finding hole-in-the-wall restaurants, and seeing live music in different Nashville neighborhoods.