In a city where aspiring musicians, songwriters and entertainers can be found on any street corner and inside every bar, Brett Kissel is one music star that is making his dreams into a reality. Kissel’s recent hit “We Were That Song” rose to #7 on the Canada Country chart, making it Kissel’s tenth top ten single. Despite his success and fame, Kissel is a friendly, down-to-earth musician and entertainer that is willing and eager to share his journey and advice.

Unlike some artists who are born surrounded by musicians and opportunities, Kissel had to forge his own path. Raised on a cattle ranch in northeastern Alberta, Canada, Kissel grew up listening to country music, especially the classics—Johnny Cash, Conway Twitty and Faron Young. Despite a lack of musicians within his family, he received his first guitar just before his seventh birthday from his grandmother. The rest is history.

Source: Christy Watkins (AristoMedia)

“The minute I got my driver’s license is when I started to drive from Alberta to Tennessee… 3,500 miles,” Kissel said.

Kissel soon realized that Nashville was the place where he could bring his dreams to reality.

“All I wanted to do was write songs and live in Nashville,” Kissel said. “So when I was 21, we got our visa paperwork and moved to America. It was kind of a pioneer spirit like my grandparents from 100 years ago settling in a new land and living the American dream through music.”

Over the past few years, Kissel has established his sound and technique as an entertainer, influenced by some of today’s biggest names in country like Brad Paisley and Garth Brooks (with whom he just finished touring). To Kissel, his fans are his first priority.

Source: Christy Watkins (AristoMedia)

“Any time I step on stage it is only for the people,” Kissel said. No doubt Kissel’s generosity and ability to read and adapt to his audience have contributed to his rise to fame as evidenced by his 60+ thousand social media followers. His current tour is the biggest ever in Canada for a country artist. He is reaching communities that have never hosted country music before, exploring different scenes and venues, and even willing to set up in a field if that’s what it takes to share his music with the people. Looking toward the future, Kissel excitedly hints at possible upcoming US concert dates for 2018.

Fortunately, Nashvillians won’t have to wait until 2018 just yet. Kissel will be performing a free show at The Basement on Nov. 27, so grab your friends for a great night of country music and an open bar.  

Source: Christy Watkins (AristoMedia)

Lastly, Kissel shares words for the aspiring musicians. Hard work and patience, two virtues which he himself practices, are the key elements to success. It’s safe to say that Brett Kissel is well on his way to making his mark on the American music industry.