EDITOR’S MIX: Life Assistant Editor Corinne Fombelle

Surprisingly not all Taylor Swift

My life as a music major revolves around music, so choosing a narrow number of representative selections required some prioritizing. Of course, I would have loved to share Taylor Swift’s entire catalog, some tantalizing classical orchestral pieces, or wild mid-20th century jazz. I decided to choose a handful of oppositely titled song pairs to highlight the impossibility of summarizing my life’s soundtrack. Between those sets, I’ve interspersed some of my go-to jams for different moods. Hopefully, this playlist will tell you a bit about me and will be an enjoyable ride.


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Corinne Fombelle, Assistant Life Editor
Corinne Fombelle (’19) is the Life Assistant Editor for the Vanderbilt Hustler. She previously interned for the Nashville Symphony and is double majoring in saxophone performance and cognitive studies. Outside of the practice room and newsroom, she can be found obsessing over her favorite musicians, shows and foods.