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Around the country, white people are quick to claim and consume Black culture, praising Black athletes, models, actors and musicians for their entertainment value, yet these same white people hesitate to fight for human rights. Vanderbilt’s campus is not immune to this disheartening reality.

Inside an Athlete’s World: Black lives should matter on and off the field

June 7, 2020

How recent Black Lives Matter protests have revealed important race dynamics within the Vanderbilt community.

While some people may be better at time-management than others, it's a skill all students can learn.

Inside an Athlete’s World: The importance of time-management

February 12, 2020

Why time-management is an integral part of the student-athlete lifestyle

Recovering from a sports injury isn't easy, but it gives athletes an opportunity to reflect on other aspects of their identity.

Inside an Athlete’s World: The road back from injury

January 27, 2020

Explaining the emotional and psychological struggles of recovery

Vanderbilt athletic offices and select team facilities are located in the McGugin Center.

Inside an Athlete’s World: We’re more than just athletes, we’re students too

November 29, 2019

Exploring the frustrating nature of Vanderbilt students’ perception of student-athletes

Certain athletes are required to participate in activities, such as yoga, that promote mental health and well-being. (Photo by Rachana Krishnan)

Inside an Athlete’s World: Sports are a mental game too

October 29, 2019

Why mental health is an essential element of every student-athlete’s ability to perform

Athletes are taught nutritional guidelines by their designated dietician. This helps athletes maximize the intake of foods that support their active lifestyle. (Photo by Rachel Wei)

Inside an Athlete’s World: The importance of nutrition

October 6, 2019

Imagine a soccer player, track runner or tennis player working hard for the final minutes of her game, and then, BAM. Suddenly, the athlete falls to the ground from a str...

The sophomore class of the Vanderbilt Women's Soccer team. (Photo courtesy Blair McDonald)

What it Means to be a Student-Athlete

September 9, 2019

My name is Blair McDonald, and I am a sophomore on the Vanderbilt Women's Soccer team. I have noticed that, at times, there is a disconnect between athletes and other students on campus...