Thursday, February 21, 2019

Harvard, the buck stops here

In order to dismantle the inequitable affirmative action system, we have to start with racial quotas

Essay: Abortion in the Vanderbubble

Fear is a privilege in a pro-life dystopia

ROTTMAN: When some beliefs are better

Let’s begin with a simple thought experiment. Adam believes that no beliefs are better than others, while Sally believes that some beliefs are better...

Cultural Ignorance Isn’t an Excuse to Overlook Racism from Asian Communities

Silence in instances of racism is blatant complicity

A response to Rottman’s opposition to an openness about sex

Being open about sexual experiences does not contribute to rape culture

“Diversity and inclusion” is not just black and white

Vanderbilt’s efforts to create a more diverse community must include all minorities

What does it mean to be Outstanding? Reflections of an “Outstanding”...

Aspire for meaningful impact and genuine fulfillment: be more than an Outstanding Senior

McINNIS: Why citing “the law” won’t do: A response to Chancellor...

A letter about the decision not to label Vanderbilt a sanctuary campus

You should do something pointless this weekend

Trying to be efficient all the time can ruin your life