Thursday, February 21, 2019

PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: Diwali: The Namesake, football, & more

Photos by Claire Barnett, Bruce Brookshire, Emily Goncalves, Hannah Haecker, Clay Leddin, Hunter Long, Jian Perkins, Sabina Smith, & Brent Szklaruk // The Vanderbilt...

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PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: Loss to Ole Miss & soccer

Photos by Claire Barnett, Hunter Long, & Brent Szklaruk // The Vanderbilt Hustler

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IN PHOTOS: KickOff CookOff

Photos by Claire Barnett & Bruce Brookshire // The Vanderbilt Hustler

IN PHOTOS: Be More Chill

Check out our photos of Vanderbilt Off Broadway’s performance of “Be More Chill.” The musical follows a teenage boy who consumes a miniature computer that’s supposed to help him be more popular