Thursday, February 21, 2019

We’re giving back to our communities for the wrong reasons

Nike’s Kaepernick ad encapsulates Vandy kids’ disingenuous motivations for service

Opinion: Greek Life is for international students, too

If international students want to join Greek Life, Vanderbilt should make an effort to help them

Opinion: What we can learn from Anita Hill

The misogyny and prejudice of the 1991 Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings were repeated in the Kavanaugh hearings; we cannot let this pattern continue

A look inside VUPD: The dispatch office

The dispatch office handles much of the communications between VUPD and people on campus

Opinion: Our campus culture pressures women into unhealthy relationships with food...

The problematic eating tendencies among Vanderbilt’s female students speak directly to a sexist culture that we, as a university, perpetuate

What we can learn from the Kavanaugh hearings

We give men the benefit of the doubt, but hold women’s testimony to the highest possible standard

Election 2016: Solutions to the voter turnout problem

How to get your absentee ballot or get registered in Davidson County

Opinion: Religious minorities have the right to both their holidays and...

Even after a lengthy battle with administration, non-Christian students are still treated as an afterthought

Bryce Drew looks poised to shine heading into his second year

First-year head coaches rarely dazzle.  Taking over an entirely new team with players that have to learn a new system is a tall task. ...