Thursday, February 21, 2019

Opinion: All I want for Christmas is for Vanderbilt to pay...

By refusing to pay VUCeptors and Tour Guides, Vanderbilt breaks with the idea of financial inclusivity

Opinion: Vanderbilt needs to push back against the proposed Title IX...

DeVos claims her changes to Title IX serve survivors and the accused; in reality, they mostly serve the latter

Opinion: I know that voting doesn’t make sense; here’s why I...

Civic engagement is patriotic, connecting one to both this country and one’s fellow citizens

Opinion: Should Badass Beauty Queen be screened today?

The scheduled screening of a film for the International Education Week triggers protests while precipitates negotiations between national dignity and individual rights

Opinion: Who is Vanderbilt’s biggest rival?

Vanderbilt does not have many great sports rivalries, but Tennessee is the best one we’ve got

Opinion: Religious minorities have the right to both their holidays and...

Even after a lengthy battle with administration, non-Christian students are still treated as an afterthought

Opinion: What we can learn from Anita Hill

The misogyny and prejudice of the 1991 Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings were repeated in the Kavanaugh hearings; we cannot let this pattern continue

Opinion: The MeToo Movement needs to do more than just call...

In order to truly neutralize the threat dangerous men pose, we need to show them why they were a threat in the first place

Opinion: Acceptance is a two-way street

As a gay student, I think name-calling and demonizing is the wrong way to go about countering homophobia