Artisan ice cream on the streets of Music Row: The Baked Bear

We tried out the “coolest” Midtown indulgence.

September 29, 2020

Artisan food experiences are all the rage these days, alluding to a time when food was crafted with care and came without labels. The trend comes in many forms: making your own pancakes on a griddle at Pfunky, scooping rolled ice cream or even customizing your Rand bowl using the GET app. This phenomenon has found a new home at the newly-opened custom ice cream sandwich shop: The Baked Bear. It might sound too good to be true, but this dessert experience located on Music Row boasts various cookies, brownies, ice creams, sundaes and other sugary treats. 

The Baked Bear also offers brownie-ice cream combos (Caroline Lingle)
The Baked Bear’s cookie window (Caroline Lingle)

Upon entering, I was greeted by a warm, wafting sweet scent, Christmas lights and coffeehouse tunes. Step one: I chose the top and bottom ends of the ice cream sandwich. The options seemed endless, with selections like Funfetti, Sea Salt Chocolate Peanut Butter, a “Cookie of the Day,” brownies and even gluten-free cookies. I chose the extravagant Gooey Butter Cake cookie for both top and bottom, whose pillowy texture more than made up for its smaller size.

The Baked Bear’s extensive menu (Caroline Lingle)

Step two: I selected an ice cream flavor. My preference was the Butter Brittle Cake, in an attempt to complement the cookies. If that isn’t enough sugar for you, step three gives you the option to choose toppings, including Nutella and Fruity Pebbles, for those craving a fruit-and-chocolate remix. Lastly,  your sandwich “pressed:” warmed up and served nice and melty. After the four-step process, I was finally free to enjoy the ambiance of this Nashville dessert gem—signs like “Cookie Monsters Only” and hardwood walls made the restaurant feel trendy and welcoming. 

Gooey Butter Cookie sandwich (Caroline Lingle)
Vegan cookie sandwich (Caroline Lingle)

Baked Bear had something for everyone. I went with one of my vegan friends, who was eager to find out if Baked Bear would have that oh-so-rare vegan dessert treat. We were delighted to find out they have a pre-made vegan ice cream sandwich, pressed between two cookies. And, if you’re not confident in your abilities to eat an ice cream sandwich without looking like a clown, try a bear bowl, which serves up your choice of a warm chocolate chip cookie or brownie with a scoop of ice cream on top. 

The Baked Bear’s interior decor (Caroline Lingle)

If you’re looking for a special excursion for dessert, somewhere you can customize your own experience and indulge, look no further. Baked Bear’s endless menu and sugary options cater to everyone with a sweet tooth. 

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