Vitality performs at Spotlight 2019. (Photo by Mattigan Kelly) (Mattigan Kelly)
Vitality performs at Spotlight 2019. (Photo by Mattigan Kelly)

Mattigan Kelly

IN PHOTOS: Spotlight 2019

VPAC annual event featured performances from the Melodores, Bhangradores, among others

August 25, 2019

Vanderbilt Performing Arts Community (VPAC) hosted its annual showcase “Spotlight” in Langford Auditorium on Aug. 23 and 24. Each night highlighted the variety of performing arts groups on this campus, ranging from music and dance to comedy and theater.

Melanated A Cappella performs at Spotlight 2019. (Photo by Mattigan Kelly)

Spotlight serves as a demonstration of the performance opportunities for incoming students to consider and gives students the ability to support performing arts at Vanderbilt.

“Spotlight is important to me because I want to show freshmen that you do not have to give up your art form in college for your academic pursuits,” VUPointe dancer Danielle Liu said. “I didn’t expect to continue dancing in college, but here I am, because I met upperclassmen at Spotlight who told me I could be both an engineering major and a dancer. I am forever grateful to Spotlight for introducing me to all the amazing performing arts organizations at Vanderbilt.”

VUPointe performs at Spotlight 2019. (Photo by Mattigan Kelly)

“Being a part of this community has been so amazing the last three years, and to get to make meaningful change this year as President makes the experience so special,” VPAC president Kirsten Pryde said. “There’s nothing like performing onstage knowing that there’s a community both in the audience and backstage rooting for you.”

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