VH New Music Fridays: Pink, Weezer and more


Alexa Bussmann, Content Development Director

In VH New Music Fridays, the Life staff cover this week’s new music releases, from pop to country to alternative.

Pop: Taylor Hopkins

Pink, “Walk Me Home”

Pink’s newest song “Walk Me Home” gives fans a taste of what’s to come from the pop superstar as she prepares to debut her yet-to-be-titled April album–and if the entire album is like this song, it’s sure to be a hit. “Walk Me Home” has all the makings of a pop anthem from its strong beat and rocker vibe to Pink’s signature strong, belting voice and relatable lyrics. The song follows Pink as she asks someone, who we can assume is a current or former partner based on her flirty tone, to “Walk me home in the dead of night/ I can’t be alone with all that’s on my mind/ So say you’ll stay with me tonight/ Cause there is so much wrong going on outside.” Pink’s lyrics echo a loneliness, anxiety and desire for someone to talk to that we all feel from time to time.

John Mayer, “I Guess I Just Feel Like”

Mayer’s latest release is a surprising departure for the mellow guitarist as “I Guess I Just Feel Like” comes across as the laidback musings of both a cynic and an optimist. Mayer begins the song with a slow lament, “I guess I just feel like/ I guess I just feel like/ Nobody’s honest/ Nobody’s true/ Everyone’s lying/ To make it on through/ I guess I just feel like/I’m the same way too,” but ends on a hopeful note as he sings, “But I know that I’m open/ And I know that I’m free/ And I’ll always let hope in/ Wherever I’ll be/ And if I go blind I’ll still find my way/ I guess I just felt like/ Giving up today.” While in a way this song feels like a pop-blues tune common for Mayer, if I heard it without his name attached I would expect it to be from a country or alternative artist. “I Guess I Just Feel Like” signals a shift from Mayer’s past work as his voice has the tinges of country you would expect from someone like Brad Paisley, but also the slow, moody lyrical style you would expect from someone like Lana Del Ray. Thanks to Mayer’s vocal cues and the soft-rock guitar solo that close out the song, “I Guess I Just Feel Like” is the kind of tune that makes you want to put up a lighter and sway back and forth. As someone who isn’t a John Mayer fan, his newest song is a welcome surprise that has me looking forward to a potential future album drop.

Country: Alexa Bussmann

Maren Morris, “The Bones”

Morris is back with another nail in the coffin of her country music career in lieu of her upcoming album. Although this song is just not country, I can’t criticize this song. “The Bones” is a resounding anthem about the importance of a strong foundation in a relationship. The metaphor of a house makes for a strong image in the song. Expect to hear this on the radio soon– on both country and top 40 stations.

Tucker Beathard, “Better Than Me”

The “Rock On” singer is back with a nostalgic new single, “Better Than Me”. This song brings more of the heavy guitar and rock feel that was featured on “Rock On”. This is the song that could build Beathard’s career or prove him to be a one-hit artist. “Better Than Me” should make the radio, but I wouldn’t expect it to break the top 20.

R&B and Rap: Tina Qin

Kehlani, “While We Wait”

Kehlani’s 9-song mixtape While We Wait grapples with her personal experiences navigating love and relationships. The project is the Oakland artist’s first release since her debut album SweetSexySavage in 2017. Her syrupy vocals and ethereal instrumentals create the newest carnation of the sultry R&B she’s come to be known for. Through the highly versatile tape, the multiple facets of Kehlani’s singing ability is no doubt showcased with each varying tone. It seems to represent, both musically and thematically, a prelude to her highly anticipated second studio album, self-described as “a gift for my daughter.”

Offset, “Father of 4”

The last of the Migos to release an independent project, Offset debuts his solo album produced by Metro Boomin after months of delays. Father of 4, with themes from the opulence of the rap game to his marital infidelity, is a highly personal compilation that gives fans a view into his life beneath the public scandals. Besides it’s introspective nature, the album offers a little more versatility than the standard Migos project, diversifying within its trap production and flow. “Came A Long Way” best captures the surprisingly inspiring and heartfelt tones toward the end of the tape. Overall, the album falls a little short of Without Warning, but represents a redeemable project nonetheless.

Indie and Alternative: Angela Karas
Weezer, “High as a Kite”

A song as original as its title, “High as a Kite” is unfortunately somewhat tedious, from its lackluster chorus to absence of musical innovation. Released Feb 21st along with three other songs, “Living in L.A.,” “Zombie Bastards” and “Can’t Knock the Hustle,” Weezer fans should be pleased with the quantity of new music, even if the quality is, to some degree, lacking. Here’s to hoping future releases are in more in line with the band’s original hits.

Circa Waves, “Times Won’t Change Me”

Boasting a strong bassline, the new Circa Waves single follows the band’s recent precedent of releasing certifiably satisfying alt-rock songs. These new releases are in anticipation of the band’s upcoming album, What’s It Like Over There?, out April 5th. “Times Won’t Change Me” is rather deterministic in nature, yet musically can be best described as an indie-pop offering, rendering the song both decidedly radio-friendly and imbued to provoke a certain inspirational sentiment in listeners.

DREAMERS, “Die Happy”

Exuding summertime vibes, “Die Happy” is very much a carpe diem-oriented song inspiring nostalgia for more carefree times. The song is also extremely peppy, making a compelling candidate for a workout/hype playlist. Much like Circa Waves’ “Times Won’t Change Me,” “Die Happy” is distinctly indie-pop and radio-friendly in genre, effortlessly framing itself as a compelling prelude to the “song of the summer” phenomenon for alt-rock releases.

Cover Photo: John Mayer, Kehlani and Weezer