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Tiny Dorm Concerts: A.C.

In the second installment, Vanderbilt rapper A.C. lights up Towers West lounge

Brendan Sawyer

Nothing gets you through the morning quite like hot coffee and a trap concert. A.C. aka Drew Cummings gave a short but eccentric set in the Towers West Longe this past Saturday. I was drawn by how much energy and charisma Cummings put into the songs and by how engaging his performance felt despite the small setting.

All three tracks A.C. performed had incredible production from fellow Vandy student Ari Bradshaw, from “Quattro’s” hard drums to the lively samples and ad-libs of “Audi.” “For Words” featured a chilling hook from Brett Koolik that complemented Cummings’ smooth flows perfectly. He talked about how collaborating with other students has helped him grow immensely as an artist, and how grateful he was to work with such talented people.

Throughout the whole set, Drew showed incredible talent of his own. His performance, flows, bars and presence were all engaging and fun, and personally I cannot wait to see what he comes out with next. His second album The Lost Trapters, inspired heavily by his experiences of his home in NY, will be dropping this spring.

Set List


For Words


A.C.’s music can be found here.

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