Blu DeTiger and her ‘Crash Course’ in indie pop

Blu DeTiger’s opening set for Sabrina Carpenter left her fans with a “Mad Love” for her bass-filled indie pop.

Barrie Barto, Photography Director

Blu DeTiger reaches out to her fans from the stage. (Photo Courtesy of Hunter Thompson)
Blu DeTiger reaches out to her fans from the stage. (Photo Courtesy of Hunter Thompson)

Blu DeTiger’s debut set at Ryman Auditorium filled the space with her signature bassline and pop sounds. The Mother Church was awash with fans in pink, red and sequin attire for Sabrina Carpenter on May 2, but first, the stage lit up with a blue neon sign. In script that formed an oval, Blu DeTiger’s name hung behind her guitarist, drummer and the singer/bassist herself. DeTiger walked on stage in tall boots as an ode to Nashville along with a short skirt and sparkly backless top.

The crowd couldn’t have been more excited to listen to the artist’s pop songs and screamed at the start of each song before singing along. DeTiger opened her set with “Crash Course” which she sang and played on her sparkly blue guitar along with her small band. This first song set an electric vibe for the rest of the night.

As she moved into “Hot Crush Lover,” DeTiger skipped across the stage while singing. She would pause and kneel at the front of the stage to grasp the hands of fans waving from the front row. Throughout the audience, the crowd showed their love by clapping along to the chorus. 

As a nod to “The Eras Tour” that was soon to come through Nashville, DeTiger sampled “Style” by Taylor Swift before launching into her own song “Vintage.” This part of her set was a bit slower but still maintained good energy throughout the Mother Church. 

It was evident that DeTiger started her career as a bassist as the complex bassline played by either her or her band was a highlight of each song. This trend continued throughout her set. She talked about her origins on the instrument in between songs. She began playing at seven years old and continued practicing and creating to share her talent with audiences.

“I wrote a bunch of songs just so I could play at venues like this, with crowds like this. So this is so awesome to be here. I appreciate you guys,” DeTiger said before continuing her setlist. 

After chatting with the audience, DeTiger launched into more pop-focused songs accented by bass solos. “Lipstick” and “Blondes” brought groove to the stage and amped the crowd up for Carpenter. “Tangerine” let the aforementioned bass tracks shine the brightest along with an incredible percussion line. 

DeTiger closed for the night with her top song “Figure It Out.” This track had fans screaming along in excitement from the pop set and in anticipation of the artist to come. It was my favorite of the night and I felt encouraged to follow DeTiger on my Spotify after she closed for the night. I look forward to the next release from this budding bassist and pop star.