IN PHOTOS: Abigail Osborn throws a Nash bash to celebrate her new EP

Abigail Osborn, Anna Hamilton, and DANIEL SAINT BLACK rocked the stage at The End in honor of “Bad Lover: Chapter 2”


Geetika Komati

Abigail Osborn performs at The End, as photographed on March 2, 2023. (Hustler Multimedia/Geetika Komati)

Geetika Komati, Staff Photographer

From the outside, The End looks like an unsuspecting venue, but, once you walk inside, it’s a house party. Even before the show began, the crowd was buzzing about Abigail Osborn. Fans, friends and family filled the room, and it felt like everyone knew each other. When Osborn took the stage, I felt like I was in a coming-of-age movie. If you want to feel like you’re in a teenage dream, Osborn’s songs are just for you. 

Right off the bat, opener Anna Hamilton set a dreamy mood for a full house. Hamilton’s voice was delicate but passionate; she used a head voice that added an emotional touch to each note. Upon hearing Hamilton sing her song “In My Head,” I related to her lyrics about overthinking conversations. Hamilton announced that her family flew out for her performance, and the crowd even got to see her baby godson experience his first concert, with headphones on, of course. 

The second opener, DANIEL SAINT BLACK, brought a serious groove from the minute he walked on stage. From his western boots to funky guitar riffs, everyone in the room swayed along as he played. The stage had been set full of different guitars — electric, acoustic, you name it. After finishing each song, he picked up a new guitar, bringing out a unique style and edginess. The End’s cozy atmosphere allowed the crowd to feel the soulfulness of Black’s retro instrumental duet with his guitarist Jessica Wilkes as they played “Take It Or Leave Me.” 

Once Osborn took the stage, she made her way through the setlist, engaging with fans the whole time. She asked the audience to close their eyes and think of their high school crush when she played “Drive All Night.” I felt as if I was right back in high school on a never-ending nighttime drive. Osborn warned the crowd that she’d make them dance and stayed true to her words especially during “Ruin Your Night,” as everyone moved from side to side. Even with the sentimental nature of her songs, Osborn’s unapologetic and carefree nature brought the audience to life.

Osborn’s band members did not fail to match her energy and raw vocals. Drummer Andrew Isbell and guitarist Taylor Macres put on a show of their own, ramping up the bass as Osborn got the crowd going. As I scanned around, I found many fans wearing Osborn’s merch waving their hands and fingers in the air in response to her lyrics. In singing one of her signature tracks, she had everyone, including me, wishing they had a “Spaceship.”

Osborn ended the night with a literal bang, smashing a piñata full of pink and red candies and then dropping the mic to go crowd surfing. She thanked fans for their support in her first headline in Nashville, even coming down to hang out with fans after the show.