PODCAST: 24/7 Sports’ Robbie Weinstein previews basketball, plus the return of Soccer with Sam

In Episode 10 of Live from West End, Robbie Weinstein talks basketball with Bryce Smith and Aiden Rutman. Sam Curtis joins for another segment of Soccer with Sam, and Aiden and Bryce discuss football’s game against South Carolina.


Alexa White

Live From West End is a weekly podcast presented by Hustler Sports. (Hustler Multimedia/Alexa White)

Aiden Rutman, Bryce Smith and Sam Curtis

On a special edition of Live from West End, former Sports Editor—and current 24/7 Sports analyst—Robbie Weinstein joins Sports Editor Bryce Smith and Sports Podcast Producer Aiden Rutman to preview the men’s and women’s basketball seasons. The crew discusses who will fill the void in the wake of Scotty Pippen Jr.’s departure and Iyana Moore’s season-ending injury. Sports Copy Editor Sam Curtis also joins for an SEC tournament edition of Soccer with Sam. Aiden and Bryce also briefly preview football’s upcoming matchup against South Carolina.

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