“The Bonfire,” one of the many massive specialty shakes offered by Gracie’s Milkshake Bar. (Emily Gonçalves)
“The Bonfire,” one of the many massive specialty shakes offered by Gracie’s Milkshake Bar.

Emily Gonçalves

Gracie’s Milkshake Bar: Milkshakes, elevated

Milkshakes that are straight out of Willy Wonka’s factory.

November 15, 2019

Consisting of monstrous amounts of ice cream and candy, “freakshakes” (a term coined to describe a freakishly large milkshake) has become a wildly popular trend in the foodie world. I visited Gracie’s Milkshake Bar, which specializes in these freakshakes, to see if they are truly worth the hype. 

Opened up just around a month ago, Gracie’s Milkshake Bar is a new dessert spot located in the L&L Market on Charlotte Ave. The menu offers six larger-than-life specialty milkshakes in addition to your typical chocolate, vanilla and strawberry milkshake favors.

In case you are the type of person who likes to dip their fries in their milkshake, Gracie’s also offers three different variations of french fries, including cajun, salt and pepper and “chook” (i.e. chicken) fries. 

Emily Gonçalves
Gracie’s Milkshake Bar boasts a “Riverdale”-esque retro dining vibe.

The interior of Gracie’s has a retro vibe that screams 1950s, really making you feel like you traveled back in time. However, with an interior that solely consists of a metal bar and a couple of swivel chairs, there is limited seating.

When I visited Gracie’s with some friends on a Saturday night, it was fairly crowded. There was a 20 minute wait for us to get our colossal milkshakes. However, once the beautiful, monstrous piles of ice cream, chocolate and sprinkles were placed on the table before us, we were quickly distracted and forgot about the brief wait. 

Emily Gonçalves
Despite being loaded to the brim with sweet ingredients, the milkshakes at Gracie’s are anything but sickly.

As a chocolate connoisseur, I ordered the shake known as “The Duo-Licious.” This chocolate milkshake was piled high with chocolate icing, M&Ms, Reese’s cups, whipped cream and pretzels. This chocolate assortment was topped off with a classic maraschino cherry on top. Although it is difficult to check all the boxes in both quality and quantity, Gracie’s was able to accomplish this feat. My freakshake was incredible with a thick, chocolatey and creamy milkshake consistency. Instead of feeling overwhelming, the various milkshake toppings complemented each other perfectly to create a unique and exceptional taste. 

Between their spicy chocolate milkshake, known as “The Fuego,” and their strawberry milkshake covered in sprinkles which they deemed “The Unicorn,” the niche spot offers a milkshake that everyone will love. Whether chocolate or vanilla, sweet or salty, Gracie’s has a freakshake for you that will satisfy your wildest dessert dreams. 

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