Tiny Dorm Concerts: Chris Ruediger

Chris Ruediger brings his modern take on country to this year’s first Tiny Dorm Concert

Brendan Sawyer, Deputy Life Editor

Kicking off this year’s season of Tiny Dorm Concerts is student/singer-songwriter Chris Ruediger, a junior at Vanderbilt.  Chris specializes in country music and, like many in his genre, he believes in the storytelling nature of songs and how much fun you can have singing them. 

Chris, along with his bandmates Ryan Demer and Gunner Streuli, put on a laidback set of his upcoming singles. The chemistry between the musicians was apparent even in a space as small as Chris’ apartment, and the three brought a charismatic and genuine energy that is uniquely theirs. If you’re a fan of modern takes on country love songs, check out this set.


Break Up With Me Again”

“Kissing Me Back”