The Band CAMINO headlines largest crowd of their career at Marathon Music Works

Memphis-based pop-rockers The Band CAMINO delivered the anthems and energy at Marathon Music Works Sept. 5


Photo by Jolie Rolnick

Susanna Harpold

The Band CAMINO and Valley impressed the crowd at a packed venue at Marathon Music Works Sept. 5, with stellar sets and loads of alternative hits.

Valley, a band made up of Canadians Rob Laska, Michael Brandolino, Alex Dimauro and Karah James, opened the night with their hit “There’s Still A Light in the House.” It was suddenly clear that the crowd had many Valley fans ready to sing along with the young artists. The band continued to perform songs off their new EP “Maybe-Side B,” as well as a few favorites from their 2016 album “This Room is White.” Their youthful style and Canadian accents filled the room with shouts of “They are so cute!” and had many crowd members excited to see this band’s future. After playing an unreleased song (with Karah James who busted out some rap for this track), Valley closed with “Park Bench” then cleared the stage for The Band CAMINO.

Photo by Jolie Rolnick

After a few minutes of transition, the crowd was warmed up and ready for The Band CAMINO to take the stage. The restless chatter suddenly turned to excited cheers as the lights dimmed. “Bananaphone” by Raffi hit its first chord and in a moment of confusion and excitement, The Band CAMINO ran on stage to be met by 1,700 screaming fans.

From the beginning, it was clear The Band CAMINO was going to deliver a great show. The Memphis band seemed truly at home on the Nashville stage as they started off the night with their song “Break me” off their new EP “tryhard.” 

Though the EP was only released two weeks prior to the concert, it seemed as if the crowd knew every word. As the second song started, lead vocalist Jeffrey Jordan seamlessly transitioned through mechanical errors with the tracks as they were run manually backstage. Soon, everything was up-and-running and the break-up love anthems continued to impress. 

Photo by Jolie Rolnick

After a few songs Jordan self-labeled as “super sad,” he and lead guitarist Spencer Stewart promised they were entering the “dance section” of the set. After adorably introducing each other as “my best friend,” the crowd became electric when the two artists dove into fan-favorite “2/14” and upbeat “Fool of Myself.”

After playing a fourteen song set, it seemed like the night was over as the band quickly left the stage. But, after a few cheers from the audience, The Band CAMINO ran back out for the encore everyone desperately wanted. Ending the set with “The Black and White,” “What I Want” and “Daphne Blue,” this crowd-pleasing finale seemed like the perfect finish to the night. At their largest concert ever as headliners, it is safe to say The Band CAMINO did not disappoint.