Tiny Dorm Concerts: Brett Koolik

The pop singer brings a string quartet for his intimate set

Brent Szklaruk

Dallas Shatel

The first thing you notice about Brett Koolik’s music is his voice. He has the same husky drawl as Bastille or Hozier, and when he reaches into his upper register it dominates the room just as effectively as those singers. His lyrics largely center around love interests, and his recorded material features the same pristine, electronic-driven production that dominates the modern pop landscape in the works of Jon Bellion and Quinn XCII. For this set, though, Koolik stripped down to a piano and a string quartet, exchanging the festival-ready atmosphere for something more intimate, which lends much more sincerity to his lyrics.

Check out his set below and catch him on his cross-country tour in support of his forthcoming project this summer.



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