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VH New Music Fridays: Tame Impala, Tierra Whack and more

The Hustler Life staff reviews this week’s new releases

In VH New Music Fridays, the Life staff cover this week’s new music releases, from pop to country to alternative.

Pop: Taylor Hopkins

Why Don’t We and Macklemore, “I Don’t Belong in This Club”

“I Don’t Belong in This Club” is the song for everyone who would rather watch Netflix at home than go to the club. The song’s relatable message is best conveyed during Macklemore’s verse: “Shoulda stayed on the sofa/ Forgot I hate being social/…I’m feeling awkward as hell (Uh-huh)/ I only came here to dance (Wassup?)/ The DJ ain’t playing the cuts (No)/ And what do I do with my hands? (It’s awkward).” The song’s simple beat ends up being a strength rather than a weakness as it compliment the variety of voices, story-format lyrics and mellow melody. Ironically, “I Don’t Belong in This Club” is reminiscent of exactly the type of song you would expect to hear at a club or party and overall not too different than most other soft pop songs featuring rappers.


Country: Alexa Bussmann

LANCO, “Rival”

In advance of their album Brothers to be released March 29, country act LANCO released their single “Rival” today. The song mirrors the laid back country sound of their previous music, with the addition of some rock elements and stringer drum parts. “Rival” is an attempt at an anthem, complete with a so-so definition of its title: “If you ain’t with me you’re the rival.” Unfortunately, the song is completely forgettable and portends an unimpressive sophomore album from LANCO.


Hip Hop, Indie: Brendan Sawyer

Injury Reserve, “Jailbreak the Tesla” ft. Aminé

Injury Reserve dropped their second single for their new self-titled debut album coming later this year. The production is next-level with samples of screeches, cracks, and sirens accompanying a steady earworm of chimes. Ritchie with a T brings a hypnotic, whispered verse packed with tech-based one-liners. Aminé takes the second half of the track with a solid, flashy verse that complements the group’s sound tremendously. The track, along with it’s music video, has me on the edge of my seat for what Injury Reserve’s debut album has to offer.

Tierra Whack, “Unemployed”

Tierra Whack’s latest weekly single, “Unemployed,” offers some of her most dynamic wordplay yet. Each verse is packed with rhyme after rhyme, finding new ways to hit the same assonance over and over. While her flows are almost a little too reminiscent of Kendrick Lamar, “Unemployed” is further evidence that Whack is becoming one of the most talented acts in the game.

Arlie, “too long”

Vandy-alum indie-outfit Arlie released a music video for their track “too long,” off their debut EP Wait. The melancholy video of lovers pacing through a vintage house party is the perfect companion to the piano-driven love ballad. With passionate chords and intriguing visuals, this music video perfectly embodies the talent Vanderbilt has to offer.


Indie and Alternative: Angela Karas

Tame Impala, “Patience”

Almost two months after announcing their North American tour, Tame Impala has released their first new single since 2017’s “Currents B-Sides & Remixes.” “Patience” is a piano-driven ballad incorporating the more psychedelic rock for which the Australian band is known. Considering Tame Impala is slated to play a decent number of festivals this summer, most recently Lollapalooza, we can likely expect an official album announcement in the near future.

MARINA, “Orange Trees”

The third single released from the singer’s upcoming LP Love + Fear, “Orange Trees” reflects a laid-back element characterizing MARINA’s discography. Marina tweeted this morning that “I wrote this song about the island that my family and I are from in Greece. It’s called Lefkada and it’s my favourite place in the world… I always feel at peace there. Hope this song makes your summer even sweeter.” She also released an accompanying music video filmed in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, which you can find here.

Foster the People, “Style”

Foster the People is back with their first single since 2017’s Sacred Hearts Club. “Style” showcases a more rock-leaning sound for the band traditionally known for its alt-pop prowess. From a waning reliance on synthesizers in favor of traditional bass to the song’s rather edgy cover art of a skeleton in a crown giving the middle finger, Foster the People seem to suggest they are rebranding. Interestingly, the song also vaguely exudes Queen vibes (think the mid-paced tempo of songs like “Killer Queen”) while still incorporating modern elements of alt-rock. “Style” may be the most intriguing offering from Foster the People yet, and it will be interesting to see how much the band’s new sound permeates other releases.

Catfish and the Bottlemen, “2all”

While “2all” has few faults as an indie rock song, it neglects to actually defy expectations or introduce anything novel or unique to the genre. Catfish and the Bottlemen perhaps have something of a reputation for playing it safe with some of their songs, and “2all” is no exception. Considering summer’s fast approaching status and a plethora of alternative album releases imminent, if a band wishes to stand apart from the pack, they have to be innovative and push the alt-rock envelope, so to speak. Catfish does not do this, but the new single is nonetheless worth a listen.

Cover Photo: Tame Impala, Tierra Whack and Arlie

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