Tiny Dorm Concerts: Lucy DK

Lucy DK owns her independence in this next installment

Brent Szklaruk

Andrew Kolondra Jr.

Bring together some of Taylor Swift’s early countrified musical stylings with the R&B influences of Solange and SZA, and what do you get? The unique acoustic folksy vibe embodied by the songs of Vanderbilt student Lucy DK.

Lucy DK’s short and sweet 4-song set on a Saturday morning, heavily inspired by themes of black female independence instilled in her by her favorite artists (see Solange’s “Mad”), dealt with her journey of understanding her emotions in the wild world of modern relationships. Her self-described independence anthems come from her various experiences overcoming confusion and sadness, both at home and during her time abroad in Denmark.

The up-and-coming artist has a number of singles already available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music, and she’s currently working on a nine-song solo project set to release later this year. Keep an eye out!

Set List



Swerving till Horizon

Bye to My Last White Boy for the Foreseeable Future