The Darren Ambrose Show October 10, 2018: Earning respect


Hunter Long

Photo by Hunter Long

Cutler Klein, Sports Editor

Vanderbilt Soccer has had a white-hot season with just four regular season games remaining, but have enough people paid attention?

Head coach Darren Ambrose doesn’t think so, and he acknowledged a perceived lack of national respect in this week’s edition of The Darren Ambrose Show on VandyRadio.

Some have written off Vanderbilt’s big wins with certain excuses and explanations, all excluding the idea that Vanderbilt Soccer is actually a dominant force in the SEC.

Ambrose breaks down how his team internalizes these things and uses them for motivation. He also previews his team’s big matchup with South Carolina on Friday at the Vanderbilt Soccer Complex.

Listen in here, and check out all of VandyRadio’s soccer coverage: