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The official student newspaper of Vanderbilt University
The official student newspaper of Vanderbilt University

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The official student newspaper of Vanderbilt University

Self-care tips: Hustler Editors edition


While your parents may be gone, the work you’ve been putting off all semester is all too present. Whether you have a big wave of midterms coming up or just a steady stream of articles to read, papers to write and problem sets to struggle through, it’s important to take care of yourself. Here are some of the Hustler Editors’ favorite self care tips to help you hang in there.

Sam Zern, Editor-in-Chief: I try to wake up an hour before I need to leave for my classes (provided I sleep enough the night before) so I can enjoy a cup of coffee and go through what I have to do for the day. It’s a great way to wake up slow and fend off any anxiety about unexpected crises in the day.

Dallas Shatel, Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Silence your phone, grab some sweatpants/athleisure, get a nice exfoliating face mask (the ones that give you that nice tingle), pour yourself some wine/sparkling grape juice and put on your favorite album/playlist/rom com.

Cutler Klein, Sports Editor: Take half an hour each day to do something that you enjoy. Watch one episode of your favorite TV show. Watch a sports game (that’s what I do). Play a round of Candy Crush. Even just a quick mental reset can help you do better throughout the rest of the day.

Corinne Fombelle, Assistant Life Editor: Check out an off-campus coffee shop or new dessert place. I always separate myself from the potentially stressful environment of the Vandy bubble and listen to motivational music to unwind and re-focus.

Allison Boyce, Social Media Director: Take a lot of fat naps. Naps are wonderful, and they really help me break up my day by relaxing and de-stressing. Sometimes I find it really exhausting when I don’t come back to my room for the entire day until 11 p.m. Don’t be afraid to take a little break in the middle of the day, crawl into your bed andif you’re feeling really daringdon’t even set an alarm. Just throw your backpack on the floor and take a really fat nap.   

Alexa Bussmann, Content Development Director: Be sure to get off campus—it’s important to realize that the world and life are bigger than Vanderbilt. Get in a workout even if you don’t think that you have time for it. Grab a meal with a friend so that you can forget about school for an hour.

Jenna Moldaver, Voices Editor: Plan fun nights in, either with friends or just by yourself! Knowing that I have a night coming up of just relaxing and being with friends can really get me through a tough week. It’s important to remember that you don’t always have to be doing something—doing nothing is crucial every once in a while, and you should build that into your schedule.

Heream Yang, Assistant Content Development Director: Go for a run! Put on your favorite pair of running shoes, create a fun playlist of your favorite songs, and then head over to Centennial Park. It’s close to campus, and they have a beautiful pond with lots of birds and flowers.

Max Schulman, Opinion Editor: Throw out your headphones. I lost mine a while ago, and not being constantly stimulated by music really allows me to space out in my head, which I need.

Emily Gonçalves, Assistant Photo Editor: Take time to remove yourself from your work, both physically and figuratively. Whether it’s getting up from a desk to take a short walk or somewhat foolishly taking a “floor break” (i.e. spontaneously lying down on the floor) as I do, I find it really important to move around in between studying. I also strive to find those moments in which I can just breathe and reflect, usually through journaling and meditating before I go to bed. Make relaxation part of your routine.

Avery Muir, Life Editor: Unwind with a good sitcom. Whenever I’m super stressed, especially before bed, an episode of The Office, Seinfeld or most recently, The Good Place is the perfect 20 minute distraction. It’s just long enough to relax while still being a quick enough break where I don’t get anxious about all the time I’m wasting. Bonus points if you drink tea or paint your nails while watching.

Claire Barnett, Multimedia Director: Choose occasionally to prioritize friends and family over school work. Maybe you’ll get a worse grade on that paper, but you’ll be nourishing the relationships that keep you sane and happy when things get stressful. If school is always your number-one priority, you’re missing out on the most important things.

Gracie Pitman, Campus Editor: I love to study and do work with my friends, and we’ve learned a productive way to do it. We set a timer for an hour, and during that time we work hard. When the timer goes off, we spend ten or fifteen minutes talking and listening to music. This study method keeps me focused, but also keeps a happy end in sight, so I rarely end up feeling burnt out from work.

Rachel Friedman, Assistant Campus Editor: When I feel myself getting especially stressed while I’m working, I take the time to get up, go for a walk outside and get a cup of coffee. This helps me take my mind off of the stresses of the work in front of me, so I can come back and refocus on being productive. While I’m walking, I also like to call a friend or parent, which helps me relax.

Hunter Long, Section Liaison: Always make sure to have something that you try to do every day. Whether you try to have a decent breakfast in the mornings, have your favorite cup of coffee after classes or even just keep a journal in the evenings. Having something consistent that you do everyday will bring some semblance of stability in your day-to-day life even when things around you can get crazy.  

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Avery Muir, Former Managing Editor
Avery Muir ('21) is from Bethesda, MD. She studied political science and economics in the College of Arts and Science. Avery has been on staff since her first year at Vanderbilt, previously serving as a staff writer, Life Editor and then Copy Editor. In her free time, Avery likes drinking way too much coffee and exploring the Nashville food scene. You can reach her at [email protected].    

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