VSG announces Uber Campus Pass opportunity


Gracie Pitman, Campus Editor

Vanderbilt students now have the ability to receive a discount on uberPOOL and uberX rides in Nashville through the purchase of an Uber Campus Pass. Tariq Issa, incoming VSG president, spoke with the Hustler about the pass and why it is being offered to students.

“Uber is testing out a new way to get more students to use the app. Similar to how to how our Lyft codes attract riders to use the service because it makes the ride cheaper, Uber is trying to do the same,” Issa said. “Uber has already been using this program for a few months now and some riders in Nashville have enjoyed this program since, in the long term, you save money on the rides. We are advertising this pilot program so that they can just test how effective devoting a pass for Vanderbilt students is and so that we can see if students like this new feature.

Jacqueline Cox, current VSG president, sent an email to the Vanderbilt Community yesterday alerting everyone of the short opportunity. Students must have an Uber account and connect it to their Vanderbilt emails by 6 p.m. on April 19th to get the information Uber will send about the pass.

“The end of the semester launch date was actually selected by Uber. Uber has recently been releasing flat rate ride packages in certain cities,” Cox said. “Now, they are trying to move to a college campus model. When they brought the idea to VSG we wanted to make sure we could follow their timeline in order to bring the deals to students as quickly as possible.”

Issa said that the pass will cover a large area of Nashville.

This geofence is relatively large. There is a Ride Pass currently existing in Nashville that covers popular areas including Broadway, the Green Hills area, and 12 South. Some ride passes cover trips to Opry Mills while others will cover airport trips,” Issa said. “That means that any UberPool from the airport to campus, or vice versa, will be at a much lower cost than before. That alone will be very attractive for students as the Campus Ride Pass is launched.”

Uber will be reaching out to students once the pass is available for purchase.

Follow the instructions below if interested in the pass.

  • You do have an Uber account, and your Vanderbilt.edu email address is linked

No action is necessary – keep an eye out for an email from Uber on how to purchase your Campus Ride Pass.

  • You do have an Uber account, but your Vanderbilt.edu email address is not linked

Fill out this form indicating the phone number associated with your Uber account, so that Uber can give you access to purchase the pass*

  • You do not have an Uber account

Click here to set up an Uber account – make sure you use your Vanderbilt.edu email address when setting it up