Royal Boba, Nashville’s newest tea room


Source: Royal Boba Facebook

Corinne Fombelle, Assistant Life Editor

If Bamboo Bistro bubble tea just isn’t cutting it anymore, now is the time to get off campus to try one of Nashville’s newest additions to the tea scene. Just down the road from White Bridge Target, Royal Boba is a brand new milk tea spot that’s worth the 10-minute drive. The Hustler had a chance to check it out on Jan. 7 during the soft opening.

Nestled in a plaza not far from campus, Royal Boba still has some finishing touches to make. The small shop layout consists of a white counter and a handful of tables and chairs — and ends there. While the paint on the walls is currently not finalized and still white, the blue tape hints that they’re preparing for future wall art. What Royal Boba is still missing in decor and visual atmosphere, it makes up for in knowledgeable staff members and an excellent product.

By the time the sun set, the place was bustling with college-age students laughing and chatting over their teas. A dynamic early 2000s-to-today playlist jammed in the background, adding to the festive, young vibes. Groups enjoyed their colorful drinks while bonding over board games and the crowd-pleasing music.

Customers can choose from drinks that will add up to about $3-$6 depending upon their preferences. The employee at the counter can helpfully walk unfamiliar guests through the menu. Options range from iced to warm drinks with a variety of tea blends. All of these items can be enhanced with signature boba, which are sweet, chewy balls of tapioca. Other similar additions like fruit-flavored jellies can also be mixed in. I chose a combination of boba and assorted jellies in my iced classic tea for $4.92.

The generous quantity of these two sugary treats within my tea made it a wonderful experience with excitement filling each sip. One of the aspects of Royal Boba that makes it unique (aside from the quality tea) is its games. There are activities like chess, checkers, Battleship, Trouble and playing cards strewn across the counter for customers’ entertainment.

Sipping on boba while playing games with friends is definitely a worthwhile excursion out of the Vanderbilt bubble and into the world of delicious bubble tea.

Find more information about their next soft opening dates and grand opening on Jan. 20 here.