Aertson Midtown, a modern option for off-campus housing


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Ameenah McKnight

At Vanderbilt, off campus housing is an option afforded to 7% of the undergraduate population composed mostly of fourth years and other eligible students. Now that Aertson Midtown stands right across campus, it’s a new option on the market for Vanderbilt undergraduate students, graduate students, professors and staff.  

Named after Jan Aertson, the great-great-grandfather of Cornelius Vanderbilt, Aertson has a special history with our campus. It pays tribute to this relationship through its panoramic views of campus and close proximity to 21st Avenue right across from Owen, Vanderbilt’s Graduate School of Management.

The Aertson is a unique, mixed use space composed of 250 living spaces, 180 rooms in the attached Kimpton hotel and six curated retailers. Upon its opening of the North tower on May 15 and the South tower on August 1, it’s just reached 50% capacity, leaving plenty of spacious rooms for Vanderbilt students.

The Rooms

Source: Aertson Midtown

One of the room options for residents is the junior studio, a one bed/one bath set up that’s roughly six times as big as a Towers single. It features a panoramic view of downtown or faces the Belmont campus and is set at about $1,800 a month. Prices vary depending on size of the studio and demand for a view.

The two bed/two bath suite is priced between $2,700 and $5,000. These spaces have floor-to-ceiling glass windows that maximize the city view, spacious rooms, high ceilings, granite countertops and walk-in closets. Among these features is a kitchen island on wheels that can be moved around to fit the desired aesthetic of your space and still be convenient for cooking.

In comparison to the on-campus housing rate of $5,106 per semester, the Aertson’s rates may be steep for a Vanderbilt student budget. A semester lodged in an Aertson single would cost about $7,200 and in a double would range between $11,000-$20,000.

Top Amenities

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The resident lounging area complements the overall modern design with vibrant colored furniture and high tech features. At first sight, there’s a structure of tumbling sheep that add to the playful, recreational tone of the space that’s for hanging out with friends, studying and anything in between.

Some features that appeal to Vanderbilt students are:

  • A theatre room with plenty of comfy chairs to gather for your favorite movie or show premiere. The room can be reserved for specific movie/show use or used freely if empty
  • A test kitchen with a Frothy Monkey coffee machine
  • One of the other shared spaces with Kimpton hotel guests is the 17th floor rooftop terrace, which offers one of the most spectacular views of Nashville. Its LED string lights change color for any big occasion to create a chill atmosphere perfect for relaxation


Source: Aertson Midtown

The Aertson offers two convenient options for fitness.

One option is a full gym overlooking the city, with machines that connect to your resident account whenever you’re working out. This feature allows you to resume your Netflix show or scroll through your Twitter feed undisrupted while you’re running or on the elliptical.

The other is a virtual fitness room that has virtually led or class structured workouts. All you do is come in, select your desired class, play your music through the bluetooth system if wanted and get started. If you’re looking for a more communal workout, you can come in on one of the days that there’s a staff-selected routine and meet other residents that like doing spin, pilates, etc.

Useful Features

The Aertson features many useful accommodations. Its mail system allows you to track your packages to their 24 hour accessible locker system in the lobby that alerts you with a text upon your package’s arrival. Even if you go out of town, they’ll hold your mail for you, so no more frustration with our Station B mail hours and risk of having your package sent back if you don’t get it in five days.

There won’t be a need to fight over the last washer on a Sunday morning; the Aertson laundry system allows you to leave your dirty laundry in another set of lockers. Through an app, you can request dry cleaning or simple wash and fold, and get your clean clothes back within 48 hours.

The most handy accommodation is the intercom system that residents can program their names into and add the names of family and friends to get easy access. Instead of having to go downstairs and swipe your friends up in Towers or dealing with the prison security of Kissam, the Aertson permits you to text your friends a virtual key to get inside.

Other useful feature include: complimentary bicycle check out, a biking garage, a dog park and services that’ll water your plants when you’re away.

Perks of the Surrounding Area

Source: Aertson Midtown

One of the many perks to the multi-use layout of the Aertson is access to the connected retailers that offer discounts for residents.

The Henley, which offers American cuisine with shareable plates that you can order straight to your room, or Caviar & Bananas, which has gourmet cafe-meets-grocery food with ingredients from scratch, and Suntrust bank are all within walking distance to Aertson.

Facilities coming this fall are Woodhouse Day Spa, which has 10 treatment rooms, a hydrotherapy room and a retail lobby available to Nashville, Midtown guests and residents;

Nada, serving fresh tacos and margaritas, and the Ainsworth, a neighborhood restaurant, bar and lounge.

Although you won’t be able to bond over the mutual suffering that rises from living on campus, the Aertson Midtown offers a fresh way to live and play in the heart of Nashville and still be linked to campus.