Songs to Bump to Based (Mostly) on Bands Coming to Nashville This Fall

Songs to Bump to Based (Mostly) on Bands Coming to Nashville This Fall

Natalie Brown

Walking to class during syllabus week can be really rough. Campus is alive with the remnants of summer and the buzz of a new year. Everyone is likely humble-bragging about their summers, which were probably spent starting a non-profit, volunteering at a hospital in a developing country, braving a corporate internship, completing a semester’s worth of HOD coloring coursework, or some combination of the four. If you are unsure which, don’t worry; they are likely to unpromptedly tell you.

Where the fuck is Wilson?
Why do the freshmen look so young?
Did I just pass my first year roommate who I swear did not exist outside the bounds of Commons?
How do I avoid making eye contact on the bridge with that guy I made out with ONE TIME at a party freshman year?

The only cure is to jam a pair of headphones into your ears, stare at the ground as you wonder why no one in any of the Vanderbilt brochures are sweating nearly as excessively as you constantly are, and listen to this playlist. It aims to capture the diversity of artists performing in Nashville this fall as Music City breaks out of the country music bubble. These songs celebrate the diversity of the students and faculty that make up our campus, in the hopes that this trying academic year will be one of tolerance, discourse, protest, and support.