Q&A with Swedish singer LÉON


Corinne Fombelle, Assistant Life Editor

Swedish singer and songwriter LÉON came into the spotlight after releasing her single “Tired of Talking” on SoundCloud in 2015. Her soulful voice and unique lyrics attracted fans, and she soon signed with Columbia Records. She is currently traveling North America for her tour, which also had European concerts earlier this year. The Hustler was able to talk to LÉON via email about her tour experience, latest release, and musical influences.

Vanderbilt Hustler: Your most well-known single, “Tired of Talking” took off after being posted on your SoundCloud. What was it like to have such widespread success from that kind of platform?

LÉON: When I put out “Tired of Talking,” it was the first song I’d ever put out. I had no idea how it all worked on SoundCloud, and I know nothing about the “blogosphere,” so I didn’t think that many people would hear my song. It was a little intimidating and so exciting at the same time.

VH: The North American portion of your tour started February 1st. How has the tour been so far, and what are you most looking forward to about the rest of it?

LÉON: This tour has been so fun so far. We’re about 10-11 people on the tour bus and it’s been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had already. The shows have been the best part of it all, to meet and talk to people who listen to my music. It’s so cool to see who they are.

VH: Where do you see your career and life going in the next few years?

LÉON: I hope that people keep coming to my shows and that the audience keeps growing. Sounds corny, but as long as I can create and sing and put out music and tour, I’ll be satisfied!

VH: How would you describe your musical style in three words?

LÉON: Always a hard question to answer. But I’d say personal, soulpop and honest maybe.

VH: You just released a new single, “Sleep Deprived.” What was the inspiration behind that, and how did you decide the timing of its release?

LÉON: The timing just felt right. I’d put out two ballads, and I’ve been sitting on “Sleep Deprived” for almost two years. It’s basically about still having someone on your mind, but you’re not sure if you even want the person. And when you have two completely different views on the reason why it ended.

VH: Who would you consider your inspirations or influences? I know in the Glamour interview, you had mentioned Amy Winehouse. What would you say now?

LÉON: Amy will always be a big inspiration in general. She felt free in her creativity, and she kept it real. There’s so many amazing artists. I love Janis Joplin, I love Beyoncé. They all are inspiring in one way or another.

VH: What advice would you give to young musicians who are looking to get into the business?

LÉON: Just keep on doing whatever you want to do – sing, write produce or whatever and believe in your own ideas. There’s so much you can do on your own. That’s something I’ve really learned.

LÉON will be coming to Nashville on February 28th at Mercy Lounge.

Photos provided by Catie Laffon