Local dessert destinations to explore


Photo provided by Wikimedia Commons

Corinne Fombelle, Assistant Life Editor

Vanderbilt is surrounded by plenty of accessible dessert options, whether you want to go mid-day or late night. The Hustler provides you with some local favorites to try.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams


2312 12th Ave S

Nashville, TN 37204

(615) 292-7794


1819 21st Ave S

Nashville, TN 37212

(615) 292-8636

While there are multiple locations to choose from, the 12 South and Hillsboro shops are the most convenient for Vandy students. Jeni’s offers ice cream and sorbet in flavors like Brown Butter Almond Brittle, Poached Pear, Darkest Chocolate, Wildberry Lavender, and many more. Warm, freshly-made waffle cone triangles top off the scoops for the perfect dessert.


Five Daughter’s Bakery


1110 Caruthers Ave.

Nashville, TN 37204


The 12 South location of Five Daughter’s Bakery is a photogenic shop with a selection of specialty donuts. Their well-known 100 Layer Donut is a combination of donut and croissant that will satisfy your appetite. Choose from a number of different fillings or even paleo and vegan options.


Sprinkles Cupcakes and Ice Cream


2606 12th Avenue South

Nashville, Tennessee 37204

(615) 712-6885

Decadent cupcakes in many traditional and seasonal flavors, including carrot and pumpkin, can be found at Sprinkles in 12 South. While the shop itself only has room for a small number of customers, Sprinkles is worth taking to-go. They even have a Cupcake ATM, which dispenses the desserts to you on the outside of the building.

Las Paletas


2911 12th Avenue South

Nashville, TN 37204

(615) 386-2101

Las Paletas serves made-in-store frozen Mexican treats that are either creamy or fruit-flavored. Cream paletas range from chocolate to avocado, and fruit paletas include pineapple blueberry and honeydew. Flavor availabilities change day to day, but there is always an interesting and tasty variety.

Nothing Bundt Cakes


21 White Bridge Road

Suite 111B

Nashville, TN 37205


This specialty shop bakes Bundt cakes in many dimensions from bite-sized to multi-layer creations. With forty design choices and ten flavors, these unique cakes can please and feed a whole group of friends.