What if more Commodores were on reality shows?


Ziyi Liu

Adam Butler (69) scores on a fumble recovery during Vanderbilt's game against UMass September 13, 2014 at Vanderbilt Stadium Nashville, TN. Vanderbilt won its first game of the season 34-31. Photo by Ziyi Liu.

Betsy Goodfriend, Senior Writer

Former Vanderbilt players have found a niche in reality television.

Former quarterback Jordan Rodgers won the 12th season of The Bachelorette, and Jay Cutler appears on his wife’s reality show based in Nashville. A couple current and former players could fit right in on a reality show.

Here’s our list of Commodore legends that would make it on reality TV.

Jay Cutler (2002-2005) – Duck Dynasty

In his wife’s reality show Very Cavallari, our beloved Cutler is his typical antisocial self. He mostly talks about hunting and watches deer from cameras he set up.

Duck Dynasty is the perfect show for him because he could test out the duck calls and go hunting in the Louisiana woods away from all human interaction. He only needs to grow out his beard a little longer, and then he’ll fit right in with the cast.

Jordan Matthews (2010-2013) – Dancing with the Stars

Many NFL players have appeared on the show during retirement. While Matthews is not retired from pro football, he could absolutely fit in whenever he decides to hang it up. Matthews has shown that he has incredible balance and footwork on the football field, but can he do it on the dancefloor? His celebrations with Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz indicate he can cut a rug with the best of them.

Adam Butler (2012-2016) – Man vs. Food

When Vanderbilt played North Carolina State in the 2012 Music City Bowl, one of the bowl week’s activities was a rib-eating contest. Butler’s intensity during the contest convinced coaches that he needed to switch from offensive line to defensive line.

His passion would surely help him get through eating five-pound burgers and obscene amounts of chicken wings.

Ralph Webb (2013-2017) – Man v. Cheetah

Although National Geographic’s Man v. Cheetah was a web series, Webb should be the one to expand it to a show. Instead of virtually racing a cheetah like Usain Bolt and Devin Hester did, Webb would race a cheetah on live television.

Think of a setting similar to that of the Kentucky Derby where everyone gathers in their best clothes for hours to watch a two-minute long race.

Nifae Lealao (2014-2017) – Ball in the Family

Both Lealao and Lavar Ball can talk a big game.

Last year, Lealao became a viral hit for starting the “We Want Bama” craze at Vanderbilt that ended with a 59-0 loss to Alabama. Lavar Ball’s 15 minutes of fame are running out, but at his peak, he claimed he could beat Michael Jordan in a one-on-one matchup.

Sam Dobbs, Senior – Prank’d

Dobbs is one of the funniest players on the team, as evidence by his sorority recruitment video for the football team two years ago. He would be perfect to go on the hidden-camera prank show and prank celebrities.

Ashton Kutcher used to host the program, and Dobbs could rise to his level of fame by starring in a Prank’d reboot. America needs to witness his incredible sense of humor.

Kyle Shurmur, Senior – Real Housewives of New York

The quarterback would shine as one of the husbands on the show, especially if his father drafted him to the Giants next year. While Shurmur is usually reserved, he could easily get caught up in all the show’s drama. His calm demeanor would be welcomed in a show full of heated arguments.

Kalija Lipscomb, Junior – Survivor

His charisma could help him gain the trust of other competitors on the show, but he is a fierce competitor and would do whatever it takes to win. He’s also clever, which would help him adjust to any twists in the competition.

Lipscomb’s interviews would be hilarious, too.