Trump’s reaction to the recent terror attack in New York is deeply hypocritical


Max Schulman | Opinion Editor | [email protected]

Max Schulman, Opinion Editor

On Halloween, Sayfullo Saipov drove a rental truck down a popular Manhattan bike path, killing eight and injuring many others. The attacker claimed to have terrorized New York in the name of ISIS. Unlike the shooting in Las Vegas, this attack can be attributed to a brown-skinned Muslim. Therefore, our president must hold the two tragedies in different lights.

In the wake of the most deadly shooting in American history, the Trump administration said that it was not the time to have a discussion about gun laws. It was a time to mourn the dead and the injured.

However, now is apparently not the time to mourn the dead. In a flurry of Tweets, Trump called for a shutdown of the immigration program that brought Saipov to America. In addition, he called the attacker an ‘animal’ that should be locked up in Guantanamo.

Tennessee Senator Bob Corker should call Trump out on this hypocrisy

Where was this anger when Stephen Paddock killed seven times as many people as Saipov? It was shrouded because the attacker was white. It was withheld because Trump disagrees with gun control and agrees with crackdowns on immigration.

Democrats like Chuck Schumer have already denounced Trump’s divisive reaction to the New York City attack. But a response from within the president’s party may have a more lasting impact. Tennessee Senator Bob Corker should call Trump out on this hypocrisy, as he has done in the past. As a former ally to the president, Corker’s words may rein Trump in and help New Yorkers like myself grieve.